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Certifications only apply to the addresses listed below and not to the company as a whole.

Aera Energy LLC
10000 Ming Ave
Bakersfield, CA

FedEx Ground
3105 Gateway 
Bakersfield, CA

IKEA Distribution
4101 Industrial Parkway
Lebec, CA

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No Idling Partners
Our No Idling Partners are only for the addresses listed below and not the company as a whole.
Granite Construction
3005 James Road
Bakersfield, CA

Price Disposal 
8665 South Union
Bakersfield, CA 

4600 Resnick Drive
Bakersfield, CA

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News from the Valley
CSUB Food Pantry

CSUB students should not be forced to choose between essentials such as food and toiletries - and the required costs of tuition, fees, and books. CSUB plans to open a Food Pantry to provide basic necessities at no cost to students - with a goal of decreasing the impact that food insecurity may have on their academic success. The Food Pantry will be actively looking for donations

Items needed: 
  • Granola Bars
  • Trail Mix Packs
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Pasta
  • Canned Fruit
  • Hygiene Items
  • Financial Contributions also accepted.
    Grand open and ribbon cutting will take place Monday September 18 at 12 pm.
    Green Scene Tip of the Month
    E-Waste Epedimc: Reduce, Repair and Recycle
    We are consumers and now more then ever our appetite has increased as new releases are thrown our way ever so often. Recently the Apple has previewed the Iphone X, causing the stir among Apple lovers. With sales of this new product the questions is what will happen to current cell phones in use as people purchase this new release. 

    The increase in consumption of electronics has two major adverse ecological effects. First, it significantly increases mining and procurement for the materials needed for production of gadgets. And second, discarded devices produce large quantities of electronic waste. That waste could be reduced through reuse, repair, or resale. 

    When electronics
     end up in landfills, toxics like lead, mercury, and cadmium leach into the soil and water. The electronic waste problem
     is huge: More than 20 million tons of e-waste
     are produced every year. Americans alone generate about 3.4 million tons of e-waste
     per year.

    E-Waste can avoid the landfills by repair or recycling. Kern Green collects cell phones for recycling, all other e-waste can be taken to Alianza Recycling and Recovery at 2301 Gibson St, Bakersfield, CA 93308. They can also be reached at  661-873-4011 to find out what products they can take.
    Featured Green Business


    Can Scrubbers Inc., specializes in residential trash can cleaning service. They offer monthly and quarterly service. They strive to continually innovate and improve the service they provide in an environmentally friendly way. They provide detailed attention to their service and being earth conscious by using eco-friendly cleaning chemiclas.

    Clean trash cans protect your family from the dangers of microorganisms like baterial and fungal infection that are commonly deteched in and around uncleaned bins.

    Can Scrubber's objective is to provide the residents of Bakersfield the highest quality of trash can cleaning service while simutaneously assistaing in reducing community health risks and promoting environmental responsibility. They will accomplish this by reducing the health risks associated with unsanitary trash containers, reducing urban runoff and conserving water. Whether your business is just starting out or has been passed down from the previous generation, it's always a good time to get Green Certified.

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