April 15th, 2021 Vending Technology News
The Greenbox Robotics Vending Machine is 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet deep, offers the space and capacity to sell CBD products in almost any space. Besides being convenient for the operator, the Greenbox vending machine offers everything that a vending operator could want in 21st century vending including: 
  • “Eye in the sky” facial recognition camera 
  • Robotic arm
  • Excellent customer interface 
  • Temperature-controlled storage 
  • Streaming music capabilities

This vending machine can also be the perfect employee because its available to work 24-7-365 while providing consumers with the CBD products that they want or need anytime. This robotic vending machine also has an age verification system which makes it easier than ever before for companies to sell CBD-related products without having to have an additional employee working to check IDs. 

Three Square Cooler Café not only offers vending operators the ability to carry all of the products that consumers could want or need, including beverages, food, fresh food, it also accepts multiple payment methods.  

SmartLock Protected Cooler

Unlike other coolers that can only carry a few items at a time, this SmartLock capable cooler offers four adjustable shelves, a net capacity of 22.6 cubic feet, and a temperature range of (32°F to 45°F) so it can store most food items.

The Cooler Café also offers:

  • Electrical – 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 amp. Circuit Breaker – 15 amp. 
  • Compressor – R-290, 2/5 HP 
  • Interior LED Light Strips – Sidewalls & in Canopy 
  • Door Glass – Double Pane 
  • Casters/Leveling legs – 4 casters + 2 front leveling legs 
  • Colors – Black or White interior/Black exterior. Cabinet floor – Stainless Steel 

With ability to kill or inactivate up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, UVend Technology provides employees and customers with a safer way to enjoy the convenience of on-site snacks and beverages.

U-Select-It, a leading global vending solutions provider, is excited to introduce UVend Technology, its new, patent-pending UV light sanitization solution. UVend Technology makes the high-touch surfaces of vending equipment safer by utilizing UV light to kill or inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including influenza and the COVID-19 virus.

UVend Technology is proven by an independent third-party accredited testing lab to be a safe application of UVC light to sanitize the high-touch surfaces of vending equipment. In fact, UVend Technology utilizes that same UV light sanitization technology that has been used for decades in healthcare organizations, schools, prisons, retailers and the transportation industry.

Created by engineers, GetRetailTech software makes it easy for vending operators to build vending businesses that enjoy huge ROI because their pre-kitting and inventory management software makes it easy for operators to enjoy end-to-end monitoring across devices. 

About The Software 

With GetRetailTech software and barcode-based software, operators can have confidence that they will finally be able to ‘pre-program' their warehouse because they can efficiently manage each aspect of their business from sourcing inventory to stocking the desired inventory. 

With the AI/ML-driven software, days of wasting time and money will quickly become a thing of the past because this software has all of the resources that a company needs including resources for vendor management, P.O. generation, payments tracking, and more. 

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