The Grizzly Roar
October 28, 2017; Issue 132

BOO Grams
 BOOGrams are here! 
Send your favorite Grizzly student a message and a sweet treat for Halloween! 

Click here to print out the form, fill out the slip(s) with the name, grade, teacher's name, and a short message. Cut out and turn into The Welcome Center with $0.50 and your BOOgram will be delivered on Halloween!

On the elementary side, they can be also be ordered through the teacher or The Welcome Center.
They will also be sold at every middle school lunch through next Monday the 30th.
Grizzly Wall of Honor
Each year Mountain Gap School takes time to honor veterans with a school-wide program. Last year we started a new tradition by creating our very own Grizzly Wall of Honor where we put up pictures to honor those that have served our Armed Forces. This can be any family member; parents, grandparents, uncles, siblings, etc.

Click here to download the sheet to use for this purpose. Please print it, complete the information, and send it in with a picture of your relative. The  sheet is editable, so you can import pictures and type in the information directly on the sheet. Sheets will not be returned, but kept and posted from year to year. We are asking that these sheets are returned to your student's homeroom teacher no later than, Tuesday, October 31st.

We invite you to come to our PTA meeting and Veterans Day program on
Thursday, November 2 at 6:00.  This program is one of the highlights of our year, and our ever growing Grizzly Wall of Honor is a great addition to this tradition.
Veterans Day Celebration
Thursday, November 2
6:00 p.m.
Mountain Gap P-8 Gymnasium

Please join us to celebrate America's Veterans and those currently serving in our Armed Forces. We thank you for your service and look forward to honoring you. 

There will be a brief PTA meeting prior to the celebration service. Please check with your student's teacher to find out if your student is participating in the event. 

** We have minimal parking on the Mtn. Gap street enterance; additional parking is available on the Versailles street entrance. 
Vote on Updated PTA Bylaws

We have updated our Mountain Gap P-8 PTA bylaws. To view our bylaws,   click here  
This information is also listed on the front page of our website.
All updated information is highlighted in yellow. 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email our PTA President, Chris Henriksen at
There will be a vote on accepting these new bylaws at the beginning of the PTA meeting before the Veterans Day program. 
PAL Beef Jerky Fundraiser

To raise money for buses and scholarships to attend the PAL trip, students will be selling beef jerky from   October 30 - November 30

The cost is $1 per stick of beef jerky. Some students will be selling the jerky before and after school outside and between classes.
SGA Fundraiser

1,2,3,4...WE DECLARE A PENNY WAR!  The goal is most points wins! And the prize is extra recess and ice cream for the winning class!!! This is sponsored by your friendly SGA and all of the money goes to support St Jude's Research Hospital! Show your gratitude for your Healthy Kids and support for your class! 

Proceeds benefit the St. Judes Research Hospital

Point Rules:
Pennies + 1
$1 + 100 Points
$5 + 500 Points
$10 + 1000 Points
$20 + 2000 Points

Nickels - 5 Points
Dimes -10 Points
Quarters - 25 Points

2017-2018 Yearbooks on Sale Now

Mountain Gap's 2017-2018 yearbook is now on sale.  Purchases can be made online here.
This year's theme is "Learn, Grow, Achieve: Ready for the Future." The book will be in full color and 8.5" x 11". We are also offering the option to purchase the yearbook as an eBook!
All purchases this year must be made by visiting the online purchase site. When you go to the website you will be given the option to purchase the yearbook alone for $35 or both the yearbook and the eBook for $45.
Please note that time is of the essence for your purchase. We are printing 250 copies of the yearbook; when they are gone they are gone! Why not make your purchase today?
Breakfast and Lunch at School

Lunch prices have changed! To view the new prices and the breakfast and lunch menus, click here

To view class lunch schedules, click here

Does your student want to duct tape a teacher or administrator to a wall?!?

50 box tops are all you will need to get one strip of duct tape. So 50 box tops = 1 strip of duct tape, 150 box tops = 3 strips of tape. Only those that turn in boxtops will be allowed to come out to where we are duck taping the teacher. For more information about boxtops, click here
For a list of products, click here

Register with Box Tops for Education and be entered to win 5,000 Box Tops for our school! Click here for more information.
Our Mountain Gap families are welcome to submit a note for the Community Section of the newsletter. Email
Community Sponsors

If you own a business, you can have your logo in the newsletter each week. Email for info.

Thank you to our community sponsors for their donation to our PTA so that we can help the many different programs within our school succeed! 

I t's official! Mountain Gap PTA is now a part of AmazonSmile. Please use this link when shopping on Amazon and it'll help our PTA raise money to continue to support our students, teachers, and school!

Publix Partners

Please ask the cashier to scan your card every time you shop your local Publix. For every $37,500 spent cumulatively by our school's participants, Publix will award our PTA $250. You may check the board at customer service for our quarterly cumulative total.

If you do not have a Publix Partners card, stop by the Welcome Center to pick one up.
School Calendar

For all school clubs and after school activities, please check the calendar on our school website.

To help minimize the amount of calls to the school regarding events, please check out the school website for important events on our school calendar.
Please stay in the know! 
Go to and click on the calendar icon at the top right of the page.
New anti-spam laws require us to have parents/staff who want to receive the newsletter to sign up each year. To join the mailing list, please send your email address to   
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