The Grizzly Roar
August 19, 2017; Issue 122

Kindergarten parents, if you still have your 'Welcome to Mountain Gap' sign, please return it to The Welcome Center. If you would like to keep it, please put $5 in an envelope and take it to The Welcome Center and indicate on the envelope that it is for the sign. Thank you!  ��
Solar Eclipse Viewing

On August 21, 2017, Mountain Gap P-8 students will be allowed to go outside and participate in activities and view the period of totality ("So lar Eclipse Viewing"). Classroom teachers will be providing educational activities/information directly prior to the event and throughout the day, then students in 2nd - 8th grade will go outside to view the event.
Per HCS guidelines students in grades PreK, K and 1st grade may only participate in the outside viewing of the event if accompanied by a parent. We will work to provide glasses for students viewing; however, parents will have to provide their own glasses. Since this day is such a rare event, HCS will be excusing absences for students whose families are keeping them home or traveling to participate in solar eclipse viewing.
Mountain Gap P-8 School has purchased/received 700 pairs of ISO certified glasses for student participants who attend the outdoor activities to wear during this event. Although there is no way to fully guarantee student safety during such a rare event, we will take precautionary measures including pre-education to make students aware of the risks involved in directly looking at the sun. 
If you want your child to participate in outdoor viewing activities planned on August 21st for the eclipse, please read and return the signed permission form as soon as possible. Students who do not have signed permission slips or do not have parents to accompany them outside will participate in alternate viewing activities provided by HCS. ETV will be streaming LIVE local coverage of the solar eclipse to provide an alternate way to view the event. HCS will also have it available on ETV channel 9 and the HCS cable channel. ETV channel 11 will carry NASA TV live coverage as well.
For a copy of the permission slips, click here
Fall Picture Day

Fall Picture Day will be Wednesday, August 23rd. More information will be sent home with students soon. 
Locker Decals for Sale

 The art department is selling locker decals for $7 to the upper grades. Upper and lower grades can purchase one to put on their car window if they would like. The order forms are in the welcome center and their homeroom teachers will also have some. Make checks payable to Mountain Gap P-8 school. Give all money and order forms to Dawn Wilson, the upper grade art teacher. She will deliver the decal to the student. 

This year we are going to duck tape a teacher /administrator to the wall. 
50 box tops are all you will need to get one strip of duck tape. So 50 box tops = 1 strip of duck tape, 150 box tops = 3 strips of tape. Only those that turn in box
tops will be allowed to come out to where we are duck taping the teacher. For more information about boxtops, click here
For a list of products, click here
Parent Volunteers

Parents, we need your help! There are many different ways that you can volunteer for our school. Please click here and see all of the different ways you can help! 
PTA Membership

You can now pay for your PTA membership online! Click here to be directed to the form.
Membership fees are $10/individual, $5/grandparent, and $5 for school staff.  
Breakfast and Lunch at School

Lunch prices have changed! To view the new prices and the breakfast and lunch menus, click here

To view class lunch schedules, click here
PTA Reflections Program

The PTA Reflections arts program has announced the theme for our next school year: Within Reach. Many students are thinking about their upcoming participation already.
This competition is open to ALL students from Preschool-12th grade. 
For more information, contact Jodi Cahue at
Our Mountain Gap families are welcome to submit a note for the Community Section of the newsletter. Email
American League Volleyball

AMERICAN LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL is looking for players. Registration starts at age 9 years old. I know there may be some players zoned for American League attending Mountain Gap; mostly those who live north of Weatherly Rd. I will be closing registration on Sunday night, Aug. 13th. Click here to register.
FREE Fantastic Fall Volleyball

When: Mondays in August and September (excluding Labor Day) from 5:30-6:30

Where: NEW Grissom High School Gym

Who: Girls Grades 1st-7th (Grissom feeder schools, only)

This is free, but we would love to know that you are coming! We will do volleyball drills and skills with Coach Tanya Broadway and the Grissom volleyball players. Please contact Coach Broadway at

Community Sponsors

If you own a business, you can have your logo in the newsletter each week. Email for info.

Thank you to our community sponsors for their donation to our PTA so that we can help the many different programs within our school succeed! 

I t's official! Mountain Gap PTA is now a part of AmazonSmile. Please use this link when shopping on Amazon and it'll help our PTA raise money to continue to support our students, teachers, and school!

Publix Partners

Please ask the cashier to scan your card every time you shop your local Publix. For every $37,500 spent cumulatively by our school's participants, Publix will award our PTA $250. You may check the board at customer service for our quarterly cumulative total.

If you do not have a Publix Partners card, stop by the Welcome Center to pick one up.
School Calendar

For all school clubs and after school activities, please check the calendar on our school website.

To help minimize the amount of calls to the school regarding events, please check out the school website for important events on our school calendar.
Please stay in the know! 
Go to and click on the calendar icon at the top right of the page.
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