In 2019 the Grooms Award was able to recognize more grooms across the country than ever before!
All of us at the Grooms Award want to wish you a happy and healthy new year and we want thank you for helping us make
2019 such a great success!
The Grooms’ Award, Ltd. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, recognizing professional grooms at some major horse shows.
Join us for a look back at some highlights from 2019!
In 2019, we expanded to nine shows at which the Grooms Award was presented. This marked the most events at which the award has been presented.

Shows included:
  • Palm Beach Masters
  • Del Mar National Horse Show
  • Devon Horse Show
  • Lake Placid Horse Shows
  • American Gold Cup
  • Pennsylvania National Horse Show
  • Del Mar International
  • National Horse Show
  • Las Vegas National Horse Show 
Individuals and companies donate prizes that are given to the winning groom. In addition, grooms of all horses in the Grand Prix, and in some cases other classes, receive a
Thank You for their efforts. 
A tote bag was awarded to each
groom, filled with goodies and gift cards from generous sponsors.
Some donated items include:
  • Gift cards
  • Back On Track LiniMint
  • SmartPak’s Out Smart Bug Spray
  • Equine Flavor Fix
  • Treats for dogs provided by Karan Aurelius
  • Peppermints for the horses
  • Snacks for the grooms 
  • Firefly Farm hat
  • #groomsrock t-shirt
  • Purina items and towels
  • Top Turnout’s All-In-One Shampoo
  • Medical bag of horse show necessities donated by former groom Susan Crush (RN)
  • R&D Custom Bead Jewelry (Dina Santangelo)
  • Items from Got Salt?
  • Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaning and Leather Conditioner
  • Boy-O-Boy’s Bridleworks embroidered belt
  • USHJA embroidered hat
  • “Flavor Fix” donated by HoofFix.
  • Pick Brush donated by Somerset Equestrian Trading
  • Farrier’s Fix Hoof oil
  • Treats from Yettanother Brownie
  • Devon monogrammed key chain from The Engraver
Grooms are such an integral part of the horse’s care and they can never be thanked enough for their hard work and dedication to their animals and the sport itself. Bo Lofvander, CEO of Back on Track ®USA states, “We believe that the groom is key to the health and happiness of the horse, and that they should be rewarded for their efforts. We are proud to sponsor The Grooms Award and support their efforts to recognize grooms.”
This year's generous sponsors included:
Back on Track
Balmoral Farm
The Clothes Horse
The Country Saddler
Dandy Products
Firefly Farm
GC Ponies & Robin Greenwood
Lucky Braids for Top Turnout
McLain Ward, LLC
Sterling Essentials
Join us in making 2020 an even
bigger and better year!
Help us recognize the contributions grooms make to the success of any horse.
Your support and contributions will enable us to celebrate more amazing grooms. The full amount of any donation is tax deductible. 
The Grooms Award