The Growing Gap:

Gender Pay Equity, Meaningful Work, and Wealth during COVID-19


COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities in social, political, and economic systems, and there is no doubt that the pandemic has had a profound effect on the economy and on individual work and wealth, one of the Vital Conditions we all need to thrive. Most families and communities have faced setbacks that could carry through for years, if not generations, and disparities are even more apparent for women of color, low-wage workers, and those who are mothers.


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New Topic: Farmworkers

Farmworkers--both self-employed farmers and their families, and seasonal migrant farmworkers--play an essential role in a healthy, functioning food system. In recent decades, a variety of social, economic, and political issues have contributed even more to difficult conditions for farmworkers. Learn about key issues for farmworkers and tactics for improving conditions, and explore newly highlighted resources on this important topic.



COVID-19 Community Response: Emerging Themes Across Sentinel Communities

The pandemic has exacerbated deep-seated inequities in communities across the U.S. Localities large and small, urban and rural, well resourced and under resourced, are responding to distinct challenges. Explore a collection of stories from nine communities across the U.S., and learn how their social determinants of health informed their response to the pandemic.


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LGBTQ+ Health Equity Library

Celebrate LGBTQ+ Health Awareness Week (March 21-25, 2022) by exploring our new LGBTQ+ Health Equity Library! The library highlights dozens of recently-curated resources and stories to advance health outcomes for queer and gender expansive individuals, and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. Expand your understanding of LGBTQ+ health through key themes, such as proper pronoun use as healthcare, shifting EDI dialogue to center health outcomes, COVID-19 as a magnifier, and the disproportionate inequities for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults.


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What It Looks Like to Reconnect Black Communities Torn Apart by Highways

Take any major American city and you’re likely to find a historically Black neighborhood demolished, gashed in two, or cut off from the rest of the city by a highway. This legacy of racist federal transportation policies continues to define the landscapes of urban spaces in the U.S. This interactive narrative-style webpage explores these legacies and the impacts of racist transportation policies on Black communities, highlighting communities torn apart by highways.


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Charting a Course for an Equity-Centered Data System

Data are the building blocks for how we describe the health of people and the communities where they live—stories that emerge from data help the nation understand and contextualize what drives or impedes health and how structural factors like racism and other forms of discrimination influence one’s ability to live a healthy life. This recent report explores data equity and potential solutions.


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10 Great State Health Data Tools

Effective population health management depends on accessing and analyzing health and wellness data. These data can uncover unseen problems, relationships, and trends, as well as lead to effective solutions.⁠ Data-driven policies and system changes are often much more sustainable and effective. Explore some of our favorite state health data tools to help communities improve health and build thriving communities for all.⁠


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Multisolving 101: Co-Creating Vital Conditions for Thriving



New Topic: Health Equity


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