July/ Aug. Newsletter 2019
Does what you feed your dog(s) and pets pose a threat to them?

The F.D.A. identified 16 brands of dog food (most grain-free) in July that had been linked to heart disease in dogs.
The  Pet Food Institute  says it's committed to the health of pets and the responsibility to make safe food.
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We may sound like a broken record but, NEVER LEAVE YOUR PETS IN A HOT CAR THIS SUMMER!

It takes mere seconds before a closed car becomes a death trap for pets stuck inside.

To insure or not to insure?
Pet health insurance is becoming increasingly popular - but with the decision to insure or not to insure comes a lot of pertinent questions.

Discounted Puppies

This female, Mini Labradoodle is almost three months old and is among our loving puppies who, when they get older, get marked down for sale.
See her and our other discounted dogs and learn the benefits of taking home an older puppy.