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Providing a healthy serving
The Guild's dietitian nutritionist, Michelle Pearson, and her team focus on nutritious, wholesome meals prepared from scratch that both taste good and are good for you. Read more.
Journey toward a meaningful life: A Guild family's experience
The mother and father of Sudbury House adult resident Christian Daley share insights and the lessons they have learned while parenting their son. Read more.
Music to their ears
Guild students enjoy class with music therapist Julie Finke, whose sessions emphasize personal growth benefits like communications, connecting and feeling a sense of mastery. Read more.
Expressing gratitude to a member of The Guild family
Colleagues take up a collection for Guild School day housekeeper Fanny Martinez to recognize her hard work and contributions to the organization. Read more.
Claudia de Piante Vicin joins The Guild's Board of Trustees
She serves as Creative Director for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Division of Philanthropy after spending 17 years at Artists for Humanity. Learn more about Claudia.
Vote for The Guild in The Boston Globe's Grant program
If enough Globe home delivery subscribers select The Guild, we'll be part of the newspaper's full-page non-profit directory advertisement and an online listing. Vote for The Guild for Human Services here.
The Guild is seeking a Director of Related Services
This exciting new role at The Guild is for an experienced leader with proven skills in at least one of three areas: occupational therapy, speech and language pathology or vocational services. Read more.
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Guild School is accepting day and residential student referrals
Referrals are being accepted for both day and residential students ages 6-22, and there are immediate openings for day school students. Referrals may be sent via email, postal mail or fax. To learn more or to schedule a tour, call 781-893-6000 or email [email protected].
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