April 2016

Hockey Discussed at 10th Annual
NFHS, NCAA Meeting

The 10th annual NCAA and NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) rules meeting was held April 12 in Indianapolis. Here is a look at what occurred in ice hockey:

The NCAA's Ty Halpin said Division I men's coaches have regular discussions about the NHL's plan to cut down on the size of goalie equipment. Halpin said D-I coaches want to be on the same page with the NHL plans.

This is a rule-change year in early June and the NCAA's Ty Halpin said they would like to a see an increased amount of scoring chances - even though goal-scoring was up this year.

The rules committee meets at the end of April and NFHS's Dan Schuster said there are no proposals on equipment changes for this year. Schuster said they are satisfied with the current state of helmets but are pushing for an emphasis on proper fitting of helmets and facemasks.

Schuster said there are no NHL-type proposals about the size of goalie equipment. He said it's not a direction the NFHS can go for a number of reasons.

HECC (Hockey Equipment Certification Council) representative Terry Smith said they have formed a task force with the CSA Group in Canada to develop a national test for ice hockey helmets. Schuster and Halpin said they have received no inquiries regarding the Virginia Tech hockey helmet test ratings done in 2015.


Neurosurgeon Has Concerns About Equipment, Fighting in NHL

A  Toronto neurosurgeon believes the NHL should be more concerned about concussions and said one of the problems is hockey equipment. Dr. Charles Tator, who is with the Krembil Neuroscience Centre at Toronto Western Hospital, thinks some changes would decrease the number of concussions.

"I would start probably with the equipment," Tator told Canada's Sportsnet 590 The Fan. "It's crazy to have elbow pads and shoulder pads that are like sledgehammers. Why have the (NHL and other hockey leaders) allowed those ridiculous elbow pads and shoulder pads to be perpetuated?"

Tator thinks eliminating fighting and imposing harsher penalties and suspensions for hits from behind on unsuspecting players would help reduce concussions.

Click here to read the full story.

How Goalie Equipment Has Evolved

Goalie equipment has changed and literally grown significantly since the NHL was founded in 1917. Sports Illustrated provided a visual look at the changes from Georges Vezina in the league's first years, 5-foot-6 Hall of Famer George Hainsworth in the 1920s and '30s, Kelly Hrudey in the 1980s and '90s to 6-7 giant Ben Bishop of the Tampa Bay Lightning today.

Click here to see the Sports Illustrated piece.


Red Wings Player and CCM
Make Surprise Equipment Donation 

Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar recently made a surprise visit to a local youth hockey program in need of new equipment. Tatar made a donation of CCM gear, including helmets, and the reaction of the kids and parents in the program was caught on local TV.

Clark Park Hockey in southwestern Detroit has given kids an opportunity to participate in sports and be involved in something positive since 1991. CCM said the Clark Park program is emblematic of its Made of Hockey campaign.

Click here to see the broadcast of Tatar's CCM donation.
Former NHL Star Leads
Equipment Drive 

Former New York Rangers star Adam Graves, who currently works in the team's front office, helped lead an equipment drive in March to expand opportunities and accessibility for kids to play hockey.

Graves went to a local arena on behalf of the New York Rangers Assist Program for an equipment drive contest. Bantam teams (ages 13-14) from the Tri-State area entered the contest by organizing community equipment drives for one month. Some of the equipment assists the Rangers' Ice Hockey in Harlem Program.

Click here to read more.


Oh, No Canada:
Historic Postseason Shutout 

When the Ottawa Senators were eliminated from the playoff race in late March it marked the first time since 1970 the NHL postseason would not include a team from Canada. Sixteen of the league's 30 teams make the playoffs.

Last year, five of the seven Canadian teams made the playoffs. But this year, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Calgary were at the bottom of the Western Conference and Toronto had the fewest points in the NHL. Montreal, the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup in 1993, saw its hot start fade after an injury to standout goaltender Carey Price.

The season also ended early for all of the NHL's "Original Six" teams. Chicago, Detroit and the New York Rangers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Boston missed the postseason with Montreal and Toronto.

Click here to read more and also see a video where Eric Laniel of Lacroix Source for Sports in Ottawa discusses the business impact of no Canadian teams chasing the 2016 Stanley Cup.



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