The HDFS Catalyst 
                                                             May 2017
Dear HDFS community,
Welcome to the last newsletter of the academic 2016 – 17 year. We have had a wonderful and busy year that has included: the hiring of new colleagues, the establishment of new undergraduate and graduate programs, and the formation of new partnerships and collaborations.We have strengthened and furthered our research and teaching missions and we are becoming known as the destination for those who want to understand how to research and solve some of the most complex social problems of our time. I thank all of my wonderful HDFS colleagues, the staff and the students for helping make all of this happen – it has definitely been a collaborative effort and we are stronger because of this. In this newsletter we highlight our new partnerships with our Greek colleagues!

Have a wonderful summer everyone,
Dr. Bahira Sherif Trask, HDFS Department Chair
Greek Global Connections
Greek Scholars in Residence

HDFS had the privilege of hosting Dr. Eugenia Arvanitis and Dr. Pandelis Kiprianos,scholars from the University of Patras, pictured above with Odyssey Charter School Board President, Dimitri Dandolos, for a week in April.They were guest presenters at our two global research events and they participated in many other activities with faculty, students and staff on campus. 

It was a great opportunity to learn about their areas of expertise as well as to gain more knowledge about the programs at the University of Patras, further strengthening our partnership. 

Global Research Events

In April, a Global Research Series event was held featuring visiting scholars from Greece and a Public Forum event which also included Dr. Stefanos Gialamas, President of the American Community School in Athens, and UD discussants Dr. Jason Hustedt, and Dr. Matthew Weinert.The forum was held to discuss the plight of refugee children in Greece, the significance and implications of the refugee crisis for the U.S. and suggestions on how these complex problems can be addressed. 

Faculty, students, staff and many members of the outside community attended the events.
Global Student Engagement
ECE Students in Greece
Lauren Montagna and Fiona Tumulty, pictured left , have successfully completed their semester at the American Community School in Athens, Greece. According to Fiona, "the experience was absolutely incredible and so much was learned about international education, lasting relationships were formed and personal growth was gained."

We are excited the first semester went so well for our students and are busy planning the second round of student placements for next year. Read more.

Visiting Greek ECE Student
Ariadni Kouzeli, pictured left with Lab Preschool staff and sledding below, is a sophomore at the University of Patras in Greece majoring in Early Chlldhood Education. Ariadni received the opportunity to come to the University of Delaware as a visiting student in the HDFS Department. Ariadni spent three weeks observing and participating in events at the UD Laboratory Preschool and in local public and private schools, including the Odyssey Charter School of DE, a Greek language immersion school.

According to Ariadni, "It was an amazing experience to gain a lot of knowledge, not only in theory, but on a practical level." Our faculty, staff, and students truly enjoyed getting to know Ariadni, showing her area sites and learning about how schools work in Greece. We wish her all the best with her continuing studies and hope for future collaborations through our partnership with the University of Patras.
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