MAY 2023

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Spring: A Time of Awakening for Us in HR

by Audrey Croley Little

My remote office overlooks the backyard, and the transformation that has taken place in just a couple of months is remarkable. Previously, the trees stood bare, with few birds in sight, the grass was a dull brown, and there were no flowers to be seen.

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VIDEO: More Than KPIs: What Metrics Are Important? 

Managers often prioritize metrics that drive revenue and have a direct impact on the bottom line. Watch Atwater Martin's senior consultant/HR business partner, Chris Brown on "Managing Well" as he gives expert advice on some of the not-so-obvious metrics that can help you keep retention rates high and turnover rates low.

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Promote Mental Health Awareness at Work: 10 Ways

For a good read on employee wellbeing, atlasGO offers an insightful blog for the Mental Health Awareness month of May. It's an ideal time to show employees you care about their mental wellbeing and get them involved and engaged to make a difference.

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