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I wanted to close out this year with three HR Blogs that you may not be following -but should !!  Take a look . . .

Steve Levy (@levyrecruits on Twitter) - Steve is a rabble rouser and I really dig that about him. He doesn't blindly accept the conventions regarding recruiting or HR. The title of his blog, Recruiting Inferno, should give you a glimpse into this approach. It's great to have people in your network who push you. Steve is well worth the push !!  You can follow his blog at: 


Janine Truitt (@CzarinaofHR on Twitter) - Janine is a solid voice in the HR community. She writes both from the heart and from experience. She has her own blog, The Aristocracy of HR, and she is also a regular contributor to other HR blog forums. Janine brings life to her work and I know you'll love reading her posts.  You can find her site at: 


Chantal Bechervaise (@cbechervaise on Twitter) - one of the great things about Twitter is getting to know HR folks from around the globe !! Chantal is from Canada and her blog is wonderful.  Entitled, Take It Personel-ly, shows her wit and her approach.  By keeping the personal side in HR, Chantal shares insights that I'm sure you'll enjoy !!  You can find her blog at: 

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We find our HR thinker, Steve, contemplating life as the year is winding to a close. It reminds him that people are looking for a connection and peace in their piece of the world when a Christmas fave comes on his iPod. 


(Sung to the beautiful "Silent Night/7 O'Clock News" by Simon & Garfunkel)


[This song keeps us grounded in all that is always going on around us !! If you haven't heard this version, take a listen - ]


" Don't miss life, there will be strife.

   Just be calm, set things right

  Show compassion, share a smile

    Lend an ear and sit down for a while.

  The pace of life doesn't cease

    So bring some others some peace


  Take delight, share some light

    It's not odd, in fact it's right

  Please make HR something that has heart

    It's a New Year - a great place to start

 Every one has great worth !!

   Every one has great worth !!"


While you keep humming at your desk, take a look at the new entries on the site and don't miss the HR blogs in the Resources section to the left !!




1) A person in the Greater Cincinnati area asking for HR pros to consider volunteering to help job seekers in transition with informational interviews. (Lisa Kaminski, Misc. HR Stuff, 12/14)


2) An HR practitioner planning for 2015 is looking for examples/resources in developing an HR plan for her department and role in the organization. (Anonymous, Misc. HR Stuff, 12/17)


3) An HR person who works for a company with multiple locations and a variable workforce has a list of questions about the 30 hr full-time standard coming on in January under the Affordable Care Act. (Anonymous, Comp and Bens, 12/17)


4) A person asking for an example of an compensation policy/program for hourly on-call IT employees. (Anonymous, Comp & Bens, 12/17)


5) An announcement for the January GCHRA HR Roundtable on 1/6/15 discussing the topic - Networking that Really Works !! (Steve Browne, Upcoming HR Events, 1/18)




All of the questions are still on the site which you can access using the instructions below.


Click on the Quick Link just to the left of this section (under the Sponsors block) titled "HR Net Site" to get to the actual HR Net web site.


Once on the site type in the User Name and Password


Site user name is: hrnet user

Site password is: victory





A reminder on how to add questions and events to the web site:


1) To post a question, please hit the "Post New Message" box under any category, type your name in the Author box, pick a Category, type your question in the window and then hit "submit" when you are done. The question goes into a queue and will be posted the next week the HR Net goes out.


2) To respond to a question, click on the category listed, then click on the question you want to respond to. You'll see a button that says "Reply to this Post", click on it and a new window comes up. You can type your name in the "Author" box and then type your response.


3) When you are done, hit the "Submit" button and your response will be posted directly to the site.


This is the final edition of the HR Net for 2014 !! With the holidays upon us the next few weeks, I hope you are taking time for family and friends.

I want to wish all of you a great Christmas, Hanukkah, holiday season and New Year !!


Until 2015 I remain -


Steve " Thanks for being connected !! " Browne