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Eileen's Lessons - May 2015

Summer is almost here.  One summer, when my son was 7, he spent a few weeks with family in New Jersey.  My son is a HUGE Orioles' fan, but his New Jersey relatives are more of the Yankees' persuasion. Well, let's just say that my son made an unflattering comment about the Yankees in front a group of Yankees' fans.  Not a good idea, but fortunately he was little and extremely cute (still is of course) so he was spared too much embarrassment.  He of course was told that it wasn't a good idea to comment about the Yankees' hygiene in the New York suburbs.  As caretakers and parents, we regularly set our children on the right course ensuring that errors in judgment are set straight promptly and try to treat them as learning experiences. 

Of course, dealing with inappropriate comments or behaviors with our children is expected, but so are inappropriate behaviors from adults (i.e. employees) from time to time.  So if we recognize that we all make mistakes, then why do we as parents and caretakers find it easy (or easier) to set our children on the right track, but as managers are we uneasy providing constructive feedback to our employees? 


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