July 2015

It's hard to believe we have crossed the halfway mark on our journey through 2015. But we have, which means it is time for a midyear review of our legacy, leadership, life and business goals so we can do some course correction if we aren't on track. Things typically don't fix themselves, so if you aren't on schedule or better yet, ahead of plan, it is definitely time to make some adjustments. The remaining days of 2015 will vanish quickly and sooner than later we'll be looking back wondering why we missed our goals if we don't get on course now.

We're rapidly approaching our Q3 event in Minneapolis in early August, and I'm excited about our celebration together. Wednesday noon will be our Celebration Lunch, along with a lot of other activities throughout the week. But one area a lot of us struggle as entrepreneurs is slowing down long enough to celebrate our wins. HTG has had plenty of those over our 15 year history. As part of our presentation to the HTG Advisory Council and facilitation team during June meetings, we shared some of the successes we have achieved. Lots of our measurements are financial in nature, but that is definitely not what matters most to the HTG team.

We are not only in the business of helping companies grow their EBITDA and valuations. We want healthy ownership, leadership and management teams. We want partners who not only get along but excel together. We want marriages that are healthy and families that are thriving. That is what SUCCESS looks like.  Read More...  

As I shared with both of these groups, I was reminded of the need to practice what I preach and be sure we at HTG are continually communicating our mission, vision and core values. As a refresher for some, and probably a first view for others, here is our "why" and the ways in which we want to live that out in everything we do:


We walk with leaders in life and business to help them reach their desired growth and legacy.


* Our vision is to connect leaders by fostering authentic relationships and opportunities for sharing.

* We will become the leading framework for peer interaction, personal growth and professional development as we equip and inspire you to make a difference.

Legacy, Accountability, Relationships, Influence, Wisdom

You'll see a whole lot more focus on these areas in the days ahead. First and foremost, we are a peer group designed to leverage the wisdom of the room to assist each person in their quest for business and personal growth driven by execution through accountability. We are people helping people. That happens when we exercise the "Go Giver" mentality.   
Q1 2015 vs Q1 2012 Membership Data from Service Leadership
Lots of our measurements are financial in nature, but that is definitely not what matters most to the HTG team.

Q1 2015
Q1 2012
Revenue F2F+HTGO (rolling 4 qtr)
Product Rev (rolling 4 qtr)
Product Rev (Q1)
EBITDA (rolling 4 qtr)
Avg Rev/Member (rolling 4 qtr)
Avg FTE/Member (Q1)
Avg EBITDA/FTE (rolling 4 qtr)
% of Members with Infra-MS and
Product Centric PBM
76.7%  |  5.0%
61.9%  |  10.4%
Largest and Smallest Avg Group FTE
67  |  9
68.5  |  9.3
Largest and Smallest Avg Group ADJ EBITDA %
16.4%  |  -1.0%
12.1%  |  -1.2%
HTG Facilitators Team
At our recent facilitator training in Denver, we challenged the team to be sure they provide value for all these groups, not neglecting or failing to drive value to all.  We are dedicated to serving each of our constituencies well and being "Go Givers."  The community aspect and lack of walls between vendor and member, business and home is
one of the things that sets HTG apart from other peer groups. We're grateful for a great group of leaders that are committed to helping us drive the HTGWAY deeper. 
Prospective Member List
The new and prospective member listed on the HTG HUB in the Prospective Member List  are being vetted by an HTG group for membership, or are invited to their next quarterly meeting. Per our membership agreement, this is the opportunity to HTG members at large to review the list and provide written beedback on any objections they may have to the members or prospects under consideration. Member companies have 48 hours following this email to communicate concerns to Scott Scrogin for review by the Advisory Council.