June 2015

BIG IDEA: Take time to celebrate in Q3: Celebrate your success and come join us as we celebrate 15 years as an HTG community.


 As I write this, travel has me down under in Australia and just finishing our Q2 peer group meetings here with the ANZ community.  These come on the heels of a powerful week in Dallas for our HTG Q2 meetings in North America.  Many of you told me in the hallways that the meetings were impactful and you were growing in your lives and businesses.  One member pulled me aside and said, "We are where we are today because of HTG.  We've listened and executed and our company is successful because of the things we have learned in HTG." Those comments were echoed by a number of people this month, and it makes me smile.  We've done and continue to do good work together.  And the best is yet to come!

Vendors continue to say that HTG is different and the best of the best when it comes to IT companies doing business and life together in community.  They appreciate the interaction and the opportunity to partner with HTG IT companies to provide solutions for our joint end user clients.  Make sure to take time to thank those that were in your room, and write a couple extra email notes of thanks to vendors you partner with thanking them for their support of HTG.  They make the program possible, so we can never take them for granted or forget their support.  You can find their contact information in the Sponsor Directory on the HUB.  

I want to remind everyone about Hands That Give,  
  particularly the new HTG'ers, and be sure
that you know about our philanthropic program.  Our goal is that no member is ever left behind in facing a personal crisis or a natural disaster.  At the Q2 meetings, I had two conversations with members who are dealing with some challenging situations in their personal lives and assured them that  
Hands That Give would walk with them through the difficulties and help them come out the other side.  If you aren't a member, I can't encourage you enough to get on board.

It's a Celebration!

In Minneapolis in Q3, we'll have our 15 year celebration lunch on Wednesday.  I really hope you will plan to join us as we look back and celebrate all that HTG has been and look forward to what HTG will become. There are so many fabulous stories to tell! We have captured a number of your stories on video and in writing.  We will be sharing those across the year, so be sure to take some time to enjoy the blessing that HTG has been to all of us. Far too often in our entrepreneurial, driven personalities, we press on and don't stop to say thanks and enjoy the good things we have been part of.  That will be the theme in Minneapolis - let's stop and smell the HTG roses if you will - and encourage one another through sharing the blessings and gratitude.  (If you've got a story to tell, just  drop me an email, and I'll be sure to get it to the team). 

Serving you is Success 

I couldn't be more proud of the HTG team we have serving you today.  This passionate group of folks wakes up every day focused on a mission of helping you succeed in business, leadership, life and legacy.  It's what we are driven to do, and we won't stop until everyone has achieved their dreams (which is pretty solid job security).  Take time to drop a note of thanks to someone on our team.  They often work tirelessly in the background and don't get a lot of kudos.  But trust me, without their dedication and hard work every day, HTG would be only a small shadow of what it is today.  Events like we experienced in Q2 just would not happen without their tireless dedication and hard work. Take a little time to drop them a note of thanks.

Click here for a printable list of HTG Team Members' contact information. 


Leverage the Power of Your Peers  

Be sure to connect with members of your group between now and August, at least once.  Those of you with microboards or trios or workgroups need to be sure to press on with those as it really is the 61 days between now and the next meeting that will truly be the measure of success.  No one has time, at least not without something tugging for those minutes, so you have to make it a priority and take the time to connect.  If your group isn't set up with working groups, pick a few members and connect one on one.  But leverage the power of your peers more than the two days you meet between four walls each quarter.

Finally, for those who may not know, I write a daily email blog post six days a week where I share about what's happening in my patch (wherever that may be  around the globe) along with what I'm learning from my study of scripture and something submitted by the readers.  This has been part of my 20 mile march since 2008, and I have not missed a day since then.  I write it for myself as it grounds me each day and helps get me started on the right foot.  Today over 1000 people are subscribed!  If you are interested, just drop me an email with the alias you would like me to send it to and I'm glad to add you.  Those who read it tell me often it gives them insight into what is important and the foundation of what HTG is all about.

I wish each of you a very prosperous end of Q2 and look forward to sharing success stories as we gather in Minneapolis in Q3.  There are so many things to be grateful for!  As Go-Givers, we need to make time to say thanks and to invest in each other. 

Together we are better.
The power of peers is one of the most important things in our toolkit. Be sure to appreciate it and use it wisely as you spend your days between now and Minneapolis.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve you,


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ACTION ITEM: Register for the Q3 Meetings in Minneapolis! 
Are you registered for the HTG Q3 Peer Group Meetings? The meeting will be held at the DoubleTree
in Minneapolis, MN on Monday, August 3rd - Friday, August 7th. The hotel is located only ten minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport, near entertainment, shopping and dining outlets, as well as, the world-famous Mall of America. Take a moment to check out the agenda and register to attend. The hotel room cutoff date is July 11th, so be sure to reserve your hotel room soon.

In Q3, we'll celebrate with an Anniversary lunch and party. Please RSVP as part of your Q3 registration. Many exciting surprises to come! We encourage you to consider attending one of the workshops offered on Wednesday, August 5th. Review the full agendas for the Leadership Academy and Sales Summit to determine which one will make a difference in your business!

Q4 Registration - Act now!
As you heard during the Q2 HTG ALL message, due to the predicted room shortage in Q4, we encourage you to act now, register and reserve your rooms. Those staying for IT Nation will book their hotel room in June with IT Nation registration.

Questions? Visit the Q4 FAQs page in the HUB or email meetings@htgpeergroups.com.

Prospective Member List
The new and prospective members listed on the HTG HUB in the Prospective Member List
have been voted into groups, are being vetted by an HTG group for membership, or are invited to their next quarterly meeting. Per our membership agreement, this is the opportunity for HTG members at large to review the list and provide written feedback on any objections they may have to the members or prospects under consideration. Member companies have 48 hours following this email to communicate concerns to Scott Scrogin for review by the Advisory Council.

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