November 2015

Welcome to the November HTG Way! We're just days away from the Q4 meeting in Orlando, and I'm excited to get to see everyone in a bit over a week. We have an awesome close to the 2015 year on tap, and I want to take a little time to review all that is available for you to participate in so you don't miss any of the value HTG offers to you. First of all, a big thanks for being part of HTG. We went over the 300 member mark (all the way to 302) for the first time in our history this quarter, and it is exciting to see new faces and growing companies. Combine that with 113 online members, and almost 50 companies in the Service Executive Peer Groups, and we're just a bit under 500 that we are impacting. That's a big family and community, and we're grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

So what's up this quarter? First item to note is our role based offering - a virtual HR Summit.  This will be online and available for those folks in your organization that handle the HR tasks or for you as a principal if you are still learning about your HR needs and how they change as your company grows. It is a very important area, one that many of us let slide because we don't have the expertise and experience. But that is a bad approach, especially with the pending changes regarding labor laws. We need to be sure we are on top of the HR requirements inside our company. There's still time to register and get some of your team involved. To participate, Register for   Session 1: Organizing Your HR and Session 2: Recruiting and Retaining Talent. It's free and part of your HTG membership!
The Leadership Academy begins on Monday afternoon due to a hotel room shortage at the venue we are meeting at this year. Hopefully you'll arrive and join the fun after lunch. The   Leadership Academy CORE is focused on Humility in Q4. Laurie has been working with that group of 30 or so participants thr ough brief coaching videos and coaching exercises to help this group grow together as leaders. Remember that the CORE will return again in 2016 and is a limited participation group, so if you have an interest in participating, send Laurie an e-mail to get your name on the list and secure one of those 30 spots. We do ask that you commit to attending all four quarters of CORE, which takes place from 8:00-8:45 AM before the start of the content day. The only "homework" is to return the next quarter ready to share with your triad how you grew as a leader that quarter.  This is also great content for those involved to share with their internal team - as you are on this journey of growing your leadership, why not invite those you serve to grow with you? Again, just 30 spots for this one so they can go deep together. E-mail if you want to be involved.
The Leadership Academy will begin at 1 PM and cover a couple key areas. Diane Zile, former Chief People Officer at Otterbox  , will be with us to talk about the value that a deep planning process can bring. Paul White will be on hand to help us focus on organizational leadership with his presentation on avoiding becoming a toxic workplace. We have to focus on culture to get organizational leadership right. We've all had staff who were less than engaged, and some may have approached toxic. And on occasion, some of us may have behaviors as bosses that have contributed to allowing toxicity to creep into our workplace. We'll learn how to avoid toxicity and create a culture of appreciation in order to lead our organizations well. Robert Lindley is our HTG Rockstar this quarter and will share Lessons From His Journey as he has worked to build his team and drive leadership deep inside his organization.
Tuesday and Wednesday we have all our groups from the US and Europe meeting simultaneously.  That creates some facilitation challenges which is one of the reasons we'll be separating from IT Nation in 2016 and beyond, among a host of other reasons.  So we ask for your understanding and grace as we have facilitators split between rooms. We're grateful to have a team of strong assistant facilitators who will do a great job of helping keep the discussions moving and the focus on task. HTG is made up of a fantastic set of leaders, and we have a culture of people willing to act as Go Givers and share their talents for the good of their groups. Thanks for having that attitude and drive.
As we prepare to come together in a few days, I want to review our HTG mission, vision and values. One of my biggest hurdles to growing my own leadership is remembering to communicate clearly and well. I want to be sure to over-communicate clarity around our MVV since these things are foundational to our purpose and program. 
We walk with leaders in life and business to help them reach their desired growth and legacy.
Our vision is to connect leaders by fostering authentic relationships and opportunities for sharing. We will become the leading framework for peer interaction, personal growth and professional development as we equip and inspire you to make a difference.
Legacy, Accountability, Relationships, Influence, Wisdom
Thanks again for being part of HTG. We're ready to make Q4 a great event, and look forward to seeing each of you in a few short days. Come ready to share deeply, and to learn from your peers. Together we can do much more!

Prospective Member List
The new and prospective member listed on the HTG HUB in the Prospective Member List are being vetted by an HTG group for membership, or are invited to their next quarterly meeting. Per our membership agreement, this is the opportunity to HTG members at large to review the list and provide written beedback on any objections they may have to the members or prospects under consideration. Member companies have 48 hours following this email to communicate concerns to Scott Scrogin for review by the Advisory Council.