September 2015

What an amazing time in Minneapolis in Q3. I was overwhelmed by the 15th year celebration and all that was shared during that 90 minutes together. Don't get me wrong, the peer group meetings and content day activities were great too but to stop and take a look back at how far we've come as a community, to hear the stories of how you have impacted each other through HTG, to remember some great times through pictures, and then to top it off with cake that afternoon made it an amazing day.

I've re-re ad the thank you cards that were given to me and had tears in my eyes more than once since getting back to the farm after our time together.  Thank you for your thoughtful words, and for the things you do each quarter and between meetings to impact one another.  It is those sorts of things that make it all worthwhile.

It was good to stop and celebrate. Most of us wired as entrepreneurial leaders aren't great about taking the time to look back and just enjoy the past successes.  There is always the next task to get done or mountain to climb.  The HTG team did an awesome job planning and executing the event with a lot of help from many of you.  Thanks for participating in the preparation and party.  I've certainly enjoyed looking at the picture memory book as well.  If you haven't downloaded it, you can find it on the HUB and see great pictures from the last decade and a half.  

Aligning the Order of the 4 Plans with the Fiscal Year 
At our facilitator training in Denver in June, we made a decision to change the order of how we address the plans in 2016 and beyond. Some groups have been on a schedule similar to this, others were still following the original plan.  But the recommended pattern going forward will be:
Jan - Mar: Life  
Apr - Jun: Business  
Jul - Sep: Leadership  
Oct - Dec: Legacy Plan (both business and life)

The major reason for the change is to move the business plan into the end of the fiscal year so you can bring your draft version of the plan to the group in May for feedback before you finalize it and have it ready to launch by July 1. That's how we should approach a business plan - to create the plan and budget so it can be measured against for the full fiscal year.  Expect to see your facilitator begin to migrate to this schedule over the next few quarters.
We want to create the pattern of having the business plan and budget ready for July 1, then focus on how your leadership team will drive that to success by doing the leadership plan in August, move to the legacy plan next and finish with the life plan because the legacy plan is foundational for the life plan. It's hard to know how to invest this year if you don't know where you want to end up. No real change in the plans themselves, although there are some more in-depth templates being developed for those who want to go deeper.
Continued Progress on our Internal HTG StratOp 
The HTG team is continuing to work on our AIP's (Action Initiative Profiles) from our StratOp planning session and have teams assigned to each of the six major areas of focus. Those teams are meeting and putting the specific steps into place that will allow us to continue moving the ball forward. There is a lot of focus around the HTG Way culture, facilitation and meetings, and some internal operational areas. We want to have a strategy to continue increasing the value and impact that HTG provides to all our stakeholders, be they IT companies, vendors, distributors or our own team. We want to BE a difference in your business, leadership, life and legacy.  And for that to happen, we have to continue to innovate and drive change.
Working with Leaders Locally: Giving Back to our Community 
We just hosted Leadercast for our local community here and had a full day of some amazing teaching from the likes of Seth Godin, Andy Stanley, Rudi Giuliani, Ed Catmull, and Peyton Manning among others. As leaders we must continue to grow and be continual learners. But one of the things that struck me was what Teddy Roosevelt had to say about leadership. You have to be in the arena if you want to be a difference!

Prospective Member List
The new and prospective member listed on the HTG HUB in the Prospective Member List   are being vetted by an HTG group for membership, or are invited to their next quarterly meeting. Per our membership agreement, this is the opportunity to HTG members at large to review the list and provide written beedback on any objections they may have to the members or prospects under consideration. Member companies have 48 hours following this email to communicate concerns to Scott Scrogin for review by the Advisory Council.