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13+ years experience with Remax Orillia.  Great knowledge of the local market and Trent Severn Waterway.  A true professional with your lifestyle in mind!  Serving Orillia, Oro-Medonte, Severn, Washago, and Ramara. 
Visit  www.marci.ca
St. James' Anglican Church

St. James' Anglican Church, located at 58 Peter St. N., is pleased to announce our Spiritual Growth Centre, where a series of workshops are being held. For more information contact  spiritualgrowthcentre@stjamesorillia.com
You can also check  www.stjamesorillia.com or call 705-325-2742 church office.
  Geneva Event Centre
When you're looking for an event centre that provides so many choices of entertainment, you'll trust Geneva Event Centre to deliver just that.  Hosting live music performances, private parties, community events, art shows, and everything in between-we are fully licensed to offer a variety of adult refreshments and in-house catering services.  For bookings & inquiries, check out Geneva Event Centre: www.genevaeventcentre.ca | 705-327-3696 | info@genevaeventcentre.ca  

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced everyday." 
-Audrey Hepburn
Tuesday, April 30th, 2019.
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Information Orillia is working together with the City of Orillia to streamline information sharing by partnering on our events calendar. 

To include your event, follow this link.  

The info is accessible online and through the City's free PingStreet mobile app .

To post on The HUB please contact info@informationorillia.org
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Georgian College: Ramp Up To Employment
May 14th to May 30th

St James' Church: Stewardship Sunday 
May 5th


City of Orillia: Fire Department Ensuring Residents Are Alarmed For Life
May 1st

Forimmediaterelease (April 23,2019) - The Orillia Fire Department is spreading lifesaving information throughout the coming months as the annual Alarmed for Life program kicks-off on May 1, 2019.
"Orillia Fire crews will be out in the community going door-to-door offering assistance and advice to homeowners," said acting Orillia Fire Chief Brent Thomas. "With changes in laws and technology, we want to ensure Orillia residents have the smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm information they need to keep themselves and their families safe. If residents have smoke or CO alarm questions or concerns, we encourage them to contact us immediately."
Each week from May 1 to Sept. 31 fire crews will be delivering important public education materials to homeowners and tenants in neighbourhoods throughout the city. If residents are unsure if they are adequately protected, fire fighters will check to ensure that smoke and CO alarms are properly located and operating correctly.
In 48 per cent of Ontario's fatal fires between 2011 and 2015, the smoke alarms had no connection to power. It was found that either the smoke alarm batteries were dead or they had been removed. Changes in smoke alarm technology address the temptation to disable these devices because of nuisance alarms.
Smoke alarms are required on every storey of the home and between living areas and sleeping areas. In homes built after January 1, 2016, smoke alarms are also required in each sleeping room. CO alarms are required to be installed adjacent to every sleeping room in homes where there is a fuel burning appliance or an attached garage. For added protection, we recommend the installation of a CO alarm on every storey of the home.
For more information on smoke and CO alarms, please visit orillia.ca/alarms .
The City of Orillia is a city of 30,586 people in the heart of Central Ontario on the shores of Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. Visit our website at orillia.ca.
Brent Thomas
FireChief (Acting)
Or illi aFireDepartment
Jennifer Ruff 
Manager of Communications 
705-238-9209 (cell)
Orillia Concert Band: Hometown Proud Ft. Liz Anderson
May 25th

Couchiching Jubilee House: Annual General Meeting
May 15th

City of Orillia: Seniors' Programming Applauded During Minister's Visit
Media Release
The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors, visited Orillia today to discuss the successful seniors' programming launched as a result of the New Horizons for Seniors Fund.  
The City of Orillia Parks, Recreation and Culture Department received a total of $50,000 from the New Horizons for Seniors Fund in 2018 and 2019. Minister Tassi met with representatives from Orillia's Parks, Recreation and Culture Department and local volunteers at Rotary Place to discuss how the funding has and will benefit the community.
"Our Government of Canada remains committed to improving the well-being of Canadian seniors. By supporting local projects through the New Horizons for Seniors Program, we are helping seniors stay healthy and active in their communities. I want to thank the City of Orillia for their project, Seniors at Play, which will create an inclusive space where seniors can participate in fun and engaging activities," said Minister Tassi.
"The City of Orillia strives to provide engaging recreation programs for residents of all ages. Thanks to the New Horizons for Seniors Fund, Orillia is able to offer local seniors with access to activities that encourage social participation and promote their overall health and well-being. It is my belief that you are never too old to play and this funding ensures Orillia seniors have a variety of options to stay active," said Mayor Steve Clarke.
In 2018, the federal funding was used to expand the multi-use pad at Homewood Park by adding court lining and pickleball nets to facilitate the "Pickleball in the Park" program. In 2019, the funds will be used to purchase materials for the "Seniors at Play" program such as card tables, shuffleboards, dart boards, a karaoke machine, and carpet bowling materials. In addition, the funding was used to hire a Seniors Coordinator who will help organize the new programming.
The establishment of the "Seniors at Play" program will help facilitate senior-specific programming, while encouraging seniors to build and maintain new relationships, acquire new skills, improve their health, increase motivation, and retain integrity.
For more information regarding the "Pickleball in the Park" or "Seniors at Play" program, please contact Chris Gammon, Sports Program Supervisor, at cgammon@orillia.ca or 705-325-2050.
The City of Orillia is a city of 31,000 people in the heart of Ontario's Lake Country on the shores of Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. Visit our website at orillia.ca.
Megan Kamphuis
Recreation Program Supervisor
Jennifer Ruff
Manager of Communications
705-238-9209 (cell)
Carpet Bowling: The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors, (second on left) enjoys a  game of carpet bowling with local seniors (from left to right) Rick Crouch, Bill Boyd, Ruth Flaherty and Harold Graham during her visit to Rotary Place on April 24, 2019.
 Minister with Councillors:
The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors, (second on left) with Orillia Councillors (from left to right) Ralph Cipolla, Pat Hehn, Rob Kloostra and Ted Emond during her visit to Rotary Place on April 24, 2019.  
City of Orillia: Grant Presentation 
May 1st 
Mayor Steve Clarke will present grants to three local organizations as part of the City of Orillia's general grant program on Wednesday, May 1 at 11 a.m.
Grant presentation
Interview/photo opportunity
Wednesday, May 1
11 a.m.
Mayor's Office
Orillia City Centre
50 Andrew St. S.
Third Floor
General grant recipients:
Orillia Silver Band                                                                     $750
RACE Against Drugs Orillia                                                   $1,000
Knights of Columbus                                                                 $500
This is the first round of grants for the 2019 general grants program. The total City of Orillia grants budget for 2019 is $32,000.
The City of Orillia is a city of 31,000 people in the heart of Ontario's Lake Country on the shores of Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. Visit our website at orillia.ca.

Sunshine Initiatives: Orillia's Choice Awards 2019 
May 9th

The Lighthouse Building Hope Campaign: Ground Breaking Ceremony & Celebration and Building Hope Country Gala 
May 5th & May 31st

Follow this link for our   Volunteer Package  and  Email info@orillialighthouse.ca for more details.  Our volunteers are awesome! Hospitality, Organizing, Custodial, Administration & Recreation opportunities available.
Feed Fifty Initiative- Join our Meal Train Today 
GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY -  May 5, 2019  at Building Hope Property -  75 Queen St., Orillia 
BUILDING HOPE COUNTRY GALA -  May 31, 2019   at Casino Rama 
Victims & Survivors of Crime Week: Kick-Off Video Viewing Event #BecauseIReachedOut Campaign
May 23rd

Mariposa Arts Film Nights: Wild Rose
May 1st

Run time: 1h 41min

Here's the scoop:  "Rose-Lynn Harlan (Jessie Buckley) has dreamt of becoming a country music star for as long as anyone can remember. But Glasgow isn't exactly Nashville, and, as a convicted criminal and single mother of two young children, Rose-Lynn is more country song than country starlet. Just released from prison, forced to wear an ankle monitor and keep curfew, she can't return to her job as the house-band singer at Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry. Sporting her white cowboy hat and white leather cowboy boots, Rose-Lynn lands a new job as a housekeeper for the lovely, and very posh, Susannah (Sophie Okonedo). After catching her singing on the job, Susannah's kids quickly become Rose-Lynn's biggest fans and Susannah her enthusiastic patron, determined to help her get to Nashville. But Rose-Lynn's dreams come at a cost. Her mother (Julie Walters), who knows all about abandoning dreams, has always done what she can to help her daughter realize hers, but she also wants her to take responsibility and act like the grownup that her kids need her to be."

Wild Rose plays this coming Wednesday, May 1st at Orillia Galaxy Cinemas (865 West Ridge Boulevard), with showtimes at 4:00 pm & 7:00 pm. Ticket sales start the day of the showing at 3:00 pm 'at the door' and are just $10 (cash only).

Want more info? Here's the trailer!



St Paul's & Supporters: The Social Shift Documentary

May 1




St Paul's Centre: An Evening of Song

May 4th



OMAH: STYLING ORILLIA: A Look Ba ck At Our Community's Fashionable Past
April 6th to June 30th

The Franklin Carmichael Gallery
Opening reception: Thursday, April 25, 2019 7-9 pm
Clothing might have made the man, but it is the woman who made it be about style. Textiles and their accessories play a major role in establishing identity and contribute to an understanding of economy and social culture and customs.

With garments and accessories selected from OMAH's permanent collection, "Styling Orillia" showcases Canadian fashion, made by hand or purchased locally and styled by Orillia women. Shifts in hemlines, selections of fabric, and changes of silhouettes on garments from the 1920's-1960's are showcased. Due to their fragility and sensitivity to light, many of these objects have not been on display before. This exhibition is not just about the garments and accessories; it is about style.

"I love clothes and always have some it is really hard to choose a favourite outfit as I have so many that I have truly loved over the years. Many times I have loved them not only for the outfit itself, but for the memories it invokes." -Councillor Pat Hehn, her prom dress from the 1960's will be on display.

For more information about exhibitions, please contact Ninette Gyorody, Executive Director at 705-326-2159 x101 or by email. 

Orillia Museum of Art & History: Playful Banquet- An Anthropomorphic, Apocalyptic Feast
April 20th to June 23rd

Opening reception: Thursday, April 25, 2019 7-9 pm

The Mulcahy Family Gallery
This exhibition features a suite of a variety of large scale works by Scott Sawtell that illuminate and illustrate the mind, spirit and the mythology of artist-genius.   Luscious, deep colours meld with playful shapes creating imagined recesses alongside layers and levels of imagined structures.  Sawtell's intuitive painting is inspired by his children's imaginative stories, creatures, dreams and fears. 

For more information about exhibitions, please contact Ninette Gyorody, Executive Director at 705-326-2159 x101 or by  email.

Orillia Concert Association: 2019/2020 Concert Season
Various Dates


Orillia Business Women's Association: Awards Gala
May 8th

Orillia Museum of Art & History: 2019 Carmichael Art History Lecture- The Art of Money: Design of Canadian Coinage
May 8th


2019 Carmichael Art History Lecture

Wednesday, May 8 at 7:30pm

Renowned Group of Seven artist Franklin Carmichael was born in Orillia and is buried at St. Andrews - St. James Cemetery. An inductee into the Orillia Hall of Fame, we are proud of his contribution to Canadian art and his legacy of capturing the beauty of the local landscapes in his paintings. The Orillia Museum of Art & History (OMAH) hosts the Carmichael Art History Lecture annually to honour this legacy.

The History Committee at OMAH is pleased to announce artist Tony Bianco and Robert Browne, son-in-law of late artist Emmanuel Hahn, as this year's guest speakers with their talk entitled "The Art of Money: Design of Canadian Coinage.''
Tickets go on sale April 1st and are $15 each. Tickets can be purchased at the Orillia Museum of Art & History or by phone. Please call OMAH at 705-326-2159 if you have any questions.

Any inquiries can be addressed to Collections Coordinator Hope McGilly Mitchell by phone 705-326-2159 ext 107 or by  email.

St James' Anglican Church: A.C.W. Blossom Luncheon
May 10th

Calvary Pentecostal & Westmount Congregation: The Dofasco Male Chorus
May 27th 

Orillia Opera House: Upcoming Events
Various dates

For more events please visit www.orilliaoperhouse.ca

May 7
7:00pm See My Voice Orillia Youth Centre is pleased to present this Youth-Driven Black Light Theatre No Entrance Allowed Once Show has started. Cash Donation at the Door

May 8
Matt Andersen & The Mellotones Join powerhouse performer Matt Andersen with the Mellotones, an outstanding R&B, funk and sole band and special guest Amy Helm. On Sale Friday February 22 at 11:00 A.M. All Seats $48.00

May 9
Classic Albums Live-Led Zeppelin-House of the Holy The world's greatest classic rock albums performed live. Note for Note, Cut for Cut All Seats $45.50

May 11
11:30am & 6:00pm 
Happily Ever After The DanceRoom's 15th Annual Recital featuring competitive, recreational routines, including Acrobatics, Ballet, HipHop, Highland, Jazz, Contemporary Musical Theatre, Tap and more. All Seats $25.00 Everyone requires a ticket - Even Babes in Arms

May 12 
Orillia Silver Band Goes To The Beach Join the Orillia Silver Band as they feature classic summer music by the Beach Boys, Beatles, Handel's Royal Water Music and the ever popular Girl From Ipanema. ON SALE Tuesday February 19 at 11:00 Adults $25.00 Youth 18 & Under $10.00

May 30 
Roy Orbison-All Star Tribute Bill Culp Productions is pleased to present this "All Star Tribute" that celebrates the incredible career of the legendary "Big O"...Roy Orbison! All Tickets $39.00

Orillia Museum of Art & History: Mnjikaning- Mapping The Life of The Guardians
April 20th to September 1st


Mapping The Life Of The Gaudaurs

Saturday, April 20, 2019 to Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Upper Gallery
Opening reception: Thursday, April 25, 2019 7-9 pm
This exhibition will showcase the Gaudaur lineage through the family connection to the Atherley Narrows , civic contributions, and the family's sport legacy.
After the war of 1812, Quebec voyageur, Antoine Godard (Gaudaur) met Chippewa Chief Big Shilling's daughter, Mary, to settle down on one of the town's first homesteads to raise a family. Their second son, Francis Gaudaur was born on April 13, 1819. The Gaudaur bloodline now represents the extended family of French Canadian, British, Indigenous members who helped to build this community. Ultimately, we will meet the family and their descendants who made Orillia and area their home 200 years ago.

For more information about exhibitions, please contact Ninette Gyorody, Executive Director at 705-326-2159 x101 or by  email. 


Canadian Federation of University Women: House Tour & Tea For Scholarships
June 2nd

The Orillia Youth Centre: Dinner and a Show; An Intimate Evening with Lance Anderson and Quisha Wint with Russ Boswell
May 3rd


The Valis Sound Studio Fund will be established in memory of Nelson Bell. Nelson had a passion for music and the Orillia Youth Centre along with his family and members of the community are working to establish a Sound Recording Studio for youth in Nelson's memory. As well we are incredibly excited to be working to establish a bursary fund in Nelson's memory that will be awarded annually to youth on the autism spectrum. This fund is being established at the Community Foundation of Orillia and Area.

The Orillia Youth Centre proudly presents Dinner and a Show; An Intimate Evening with Lance Anderson and Quisha Wint with Russ Boswell on Friday May 3, 2019 at St. Paul's Centre in beautiful Downtown Orillia. All proceeds from this night benefit the Orillia Youth Centre Valis Sound Studio Fund and Nelson Bell Bursary. The evening will consist of a spectacular Three Course Dinner which will be brought to you by Eclectic Cafe by Melanie Robinson Catering with support from the Twin Lakes Hospitality Class. A special menu celebrating Nelson Bell's Favourite Food will be highlighted. (vegetarian option available) Doors and Dinner seating begin at 6pm. Tickets for this night are available online: http://www.orilliayouthcentre.ca in Downtown Orillia at Alleycats Music and Art (cash only) or directly from Kevin Gangloff (credit or cash).



WayPoint Research Institute #StigmaEndsWithMe Workshop
May 13th



St Paul's: Project Connect- Community Educational Workshops

May 7th to June 11th




Community Development Corp: Professional Development Series Schedule
Various Dates in May


Couchiching Jubilee House:
Commences May 24th 

Orillia Community Kitchen Workshops
Various Dates

Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30pm
St. Paul's Centre, 62 Peter Street N
For more Information, Contact:

stpaulscentre.ca - orillia community kitchen

Wed, May 1, 2019 Fruit Kabobs/Creamy Dreamy Hummus and Zesty Bean Dip: Sample The Canada Food Guide
Wed, May 8, 2019 No Bake Toasted Oat Granla Bars/Savoury Broccoli and Cheese Muffins: sample The Canada Food Guide
Wed, May 15, 2019 Turkey and Veggie stuffed Pita: sample The Canada Food Guide
Wed, May 29, 2019 Colourful Quinoa Salad: sample The Canada Food Guide
Wed, May 22, 2019 Fish and Fresh Herbs Veggie Packets: sample The Canada Food Guide

Have Your Say: Help Us Chart a Path for Orillia's Champlain Monument
April 30th

Orillia & District Literacy Council: Learn Computer Basics For Job Search



Helping Hands Seeking Volunteers

Information Orillia Volunteer Database

To suggest on opportunity,  click here .

Information Orillia is the Orillia and area's official volunteer centre. We are a proud member of Volunteer Canada and the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network. Information Orillia organizes and maintains a volunteer database that allows organizations to post new opportunities and allows volunteers to access those opportunities.

Services for volunteers:  IO's volunteer database allows volunteers to  create a volunteer profile  that allows organizations to contact them directly. In addition, our organization provides volunteers with counselling, referrals and training via workshops and appointments. 

Services for organizations:  IO's volunteer database allows organizations to post opportunities, access volunteer profiles, as well as other volunteer resources such as registration templates and screening tools. For more information about software that helps to manage volunteer recognition and recruitment,  website .

To book an appointment with our Manger of Volunteer and Youth Engagement Services, Sukhi Kaur, call 705-326-7743 or email.


City of Orillia: All City Properties Will Be Smoke/Vape Free
Effective May 15

For immediate release (April 17, 2019) - A by-law banning smoking/vaping tobacco, cannabis and other substances outdoors on property owned or leased by the City of Orillia comes into effect on May 15, 2019.
As per Chapter 954 of the City of Orillia Municipal Code, smoking/vaping outdoors will be prohibited in the following locations:
·         All municipal properties;
·         City parks, trails and beaches;
·         Properties leased from the City;
·         City parking lots;
·         City docks and piers;
·         On or within vehicles on City-owned or leased properties, including parking lots;
·         On or within a boat located or moored on City-owned or leased property.
"Orillia Council is committed to fostering a healthier, greener community. With the legalization of recreational cannabis and the negative effects of smoking and vaping, Council wanted to create public spaces that were smoke and vape free in an effort to provide a welcoming environment that contributes to the overall well-being of our residents and visitors. We sought to strike a balance between opting in to the sale of recreational cannabis in Orillia, while also being respectful that people may not want it used in public spaces," said Mayor Steve Clarke.
Council approved some specific and general exemptions to the smoking/vaping by-law. The exemptions apply to a person that is:
·         Smoking/vaping on any portion of a highway (this includes sidewalks) as municipalities do not have any jurisdiction to regulate this area;
·         Smoking/vaping while situated on a vessel containing sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities that is moored within any City-owned or leased water lot;
·         Smoking/vaping on a campsite within a park, provided the campsite has been approved by the City in conjunction with a special event;
·         Entitled to possess cannabis for medical purposes and can provide the necessary documentation;
·         The current designated smoking area at the City-owned Nordia property (2 Hunter Valley Rd.) and the Stephen Leacock Museum (50 Museum Dr.) during special events, subject to a smoking permit being issued by the City's Parks, Recreation and Culture Department.
"The City of Orillia is hiring a part-time Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer to assist with enforcement of the by-law and will be erecting new signage throughout the city to advise people which properties will be smoke and vape free. These costs are being subsidized through provincial funding provided by the Ministry of Finance associated with the legalization of cannabis," said Shawn Crawford, Manager of Legislative Services. 
To report smoking or vaping in prohibited outdoor areas on City-owned or leased property, please contact the City's By-law Office at 705-325-231 or by-law@orillia.ca . For more information on the City of Orillia smoking/vaping by-law visit orillia.ca/smokefree .
The City of Orillia is a city of 31,000 people in the heart of Ontario's Lake Country on the shores of Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. Visit our website at orillia.ca.
Shawn Crawford
Manager of Legislative Services
Jennifer Ruff
Manager of Communications
705-238-9209 (cell)

City of Orillia: Orillia's Downtown Grant Program is Breaking Barriers to Upper-Storey Development
Media Release

For immediate release (April 16, 2019) - Two City of Orillia Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan (DTCIP) grant recipients unveiled development plans for their upcoming projects at a grant announcement in downtown Orillia today.
"The Downtown Tomorrow CIP Grant Program helps off-set the costs of expensive upper-storey renovations and allows underutilized second floors to be developed for new retail and residential space," said Mayor Steve Clarke. "To date, this successful grant program has proven that for every one-dollar invested by the municipality, we see five-dollars in downtown improvements. We anticipate that major projects, such as the ones announced today, will have an even higher return on investment."
Mariposa Market is the recipient of a Building Improvement Grant of $25,000, which will allow for renovations to utilize the second storey above the existing Mariposa Market and Mariposa Scent Shop stores located at 109 Mississaga St. E. The space will host new retail and restaurant space.
"It's a magnificent vacant space, truly a jewel in terms of heritage architecture," said Bob Wilsey, owner of Mariposa Market. "Orillia's grant program makes our vision for the downtown all the more economically viable and at an accelerated timetable." 
Three additional grants, totaling $62,500, were awarded to Chris Montgomery owner of 27 Mississaga St. W.
"There is great potential locked away in Orillia's downtown core, particularly at the second floor level that has remained undeveloped for years," said Montgomery. "The DTCIP has provided for us an injection of initial funding that will allow us to kick-start a much larger personal investment."
Montgomery's project includes the creation of two fully accessible commercial units as well as six new residential units, five of which will be located on the second storey. The grants will also be used for façade improvements, such as window and door replacements.
Council approved $200,000 in funding for the DTCIP Grant Program for 2019. There are three intakes throughout the year. The deadline for the first intake was Feb. 28, 2019, followed by a second intake on April 30 and a third on Oct. 31.
Not only is the program stimulating development in the downtown, but according to the completed surveys for each project, applicants have advised that the program has accelerated improvements in the downtown core and allowed them to undertake larger projects than they otherwise could have. Approximately 90 per cent of applicants stated that the DTCIP Grant Program allowed them to complete their project earlier than anticipated, and 44 per cent advised that they were able to undertake larger improvements.
A total of $112,500 remains in the Residential Grant Program, Feasibility and Design Study Grant Program, and Building Improvement Grant program for 2019.
For more information on the DTCIP Grant Program, or to book a mandatory pre-consultation, applicants are encouraged to contact the City of Orillia Economic Development Office at 705-325-4900, or visit the project webpage at orillia.ca/downtowncip.  
The City of Orillia is a city of 31,000 people in the heart of Ontario's Lake Country on the shores of Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. Visit our website at orillia.ca.
Laura Thompson
Manager of Real Estate and Commercial Development
Jennifer Ruff
Manager of Communications
705-238-9209 (cell)
Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan (DTCIP) grant recipients Chris Montgomery, owner of 27 Mississaga St. W. (left), and Bob Wilsey, owner of Mariposa Market (right), pictured with Coun. Pat Hehn and Mayor Steve Clarke at the DTCIP grant announcement on April 16, 2019.

Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County: Pull Up A Chair
Now Accepting Applications

If printed for distribution, we request using the colour yellow