February 2020

As an important member of our Habitat family, I want to welcome you to our newsletter the Habitat Blueprint . We will be sharing updates on our projects, introducing you to future homeowners, providing information on upcoming events and highlighting the people who support our mission.

It has been an exciting start to 2020 and I am pleased to introduce you to some of our future homeowners. These families are amazing and have been working so hard in preparation for homeownership.

Tangela and Casey are truly thrilled to be moving into the paired home that we recently bought back in our Trail View neighborhood. To prepare the home for purchase, we have some minor repairs including repainting and new carpet installation. Our entire team is happy that a group of student volunteers from Hiram College will make their annual spring break trip to Bloomington to help us with the house. We enjoy the energy this group always brings and Casey and Tangela are excited to work alongside the students.
We officially have two future Women Build homeowners! Keba Pierson joined our program shortly after Women Build last spring when she worked alongside her sister, LaTanya, helping to build her home. Keba is a ball of positive energy and it will be so fun to watch her interacting with our volunteers.
I shared Mary Derico’s story at our More Than Houses breakfast and I think Women Build is an incredible fit build-wise for her. Her journey has been disrupted by heartbreak, but I truly believe that there is a reason she was in the Habitat program when her husband, Mark, passed away. I could offer you an endless list of analogies for Mary, but I hope that you will soon get a chance to meet her and be as moved as I have been by her story.
We are working very hard presently to prepare two lots on West Duncan for Women Build. This is one of the streets that dead ends into the Osage Place property, so it will be a great opportunity for our supporters to become familiar with the area as we begin to share our vision for a third Habitat neighborhood. Finally, shortly after Women Build we will begin construction on house 212 for Cristian, his mother Guillermina and his boys Diego (13 years), Alexander (13 years), and Cristian Jr. (Age 7).
While I have not yet had the opportunity to interact with them much, it will be wonderful to see them work together on their new home for their family. This house will be built on a beautiful lot on Spring Street, not far from the home of Stefanie Rose (Whirlpool Build 2018). If you know of area businesses who might be interested in day-sponsorship opportunities for House 212, please let me know.

Thank you for helping make affordable homeownership a reality for these families.
Warmest Regards,
Mark your calendars and join us to celebrate the kickoff of the 20th anniversary of Women Build in Monroe County!

2/19 • 5:30- 7 p.m. • Switchyard Brewing
Please join us as we kick off the 2020 Homebuilders Blitz. Meet this year's families and learn ways to support the build.

3/26 • 5:30 - 7 p.m. • The Habitat ReStore