Vol. 9, Issue 1, September 5, 2019
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In this week's edition: Employers, help us design our Employer HR Toolkit; Explore Careers in Tech at Mohawk College; What work will today's kids do in the future?
Help WPH develop our Employer HR Toolkit!
Workforce Planning Hamilton is partnering with Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE) to develop an Employer Toolkit for small and medium sized businesses in Hamilton.

Our goal is to provide employers with tools and templates to reduce turnover and the costs associated with hiring people who aren't the right "fit" for the job.

Our easy to use guide (which will have a website presence) will provide employers with information on best practices for recruitment, retention and onboarding.

To make the toolkit a success we need your input! If you are an HR manager or business owner please take five minutes to complete our survey.

This is your chance to tell us about the challenges that your business faces and the areas that you would like help with.

If you are a job developer we also have a survey for you, so that you can share your experiences with your employer contacts.

Thanks for your support!
Explore Careers in Technology, Mohawk College

During this FREE 8-week program students will explore viable and exciting career opportunities in the technology sector. This program is 
offered at the Hamilton Central Library, 55 York Blvd, 4th floor. 

The program includes:

  • Exploring viable and exciting career opportunities in the technology sector
  • Developing knowledge about essential skills for success and continuing your education
  • Students can earn up to two free credits through City School. 

Student eligibility:

Applications will be welcomed from all those interested in City School, but please note that priority will be given to those who meet the following:

  • 19 years of age or older
  • Have no or limited post-secondary education (i.e., college, university, apprenticeship)
  • Live within the community in which the course(s) is being offered
  • High school completion is not a requirement
  • Will make case-by-case considerations

How to apply:

Fill out the online application form or call 905-575-2489.

What jobs will there be for our kids in the future?

Robots, artificial intelligence and other technologies are poised to radically change the future of work. Here's how to future-proof your kids when the job market could be completely turned on its head.

“Softer” skills, such as resilience, curiosity, communication and empathy, will be in high demand in the future, says Katrin Becker, a business psychologist with Hatch Analytics, a company that uses behavioural science to improve workplaces. Creativity and collaboration are also increasingly important.

Labour Force Information, Hamilton, July 2019
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