The Hanging Gardens - Landmark
At the city government’s urging, EdenTech built its “vision of twenty-first century urban greenspace” on this site in 2001. The structure quickly became known as the Hanging Gardens for the greenery that spills from its sides in the spring and summer. Tourists sometimes visit the “vertical park,” and it is also popular with locals from Alexandria. It is particularly popular with college students from nearby Ephesus University.
A multistory park structure, the Hanging Gardens are about six stories tall and occupy an entire city block. Imagine a parking garage-like structure where every level is planted over with trees and other foliage. Portions containing warm-weather plants are enclosed, but much of the structure is open to the air. Advanced EdenTech design keeps the edifice from collapsing under the brutal winters of New England. 
Portions of the “park” are heavily overgrown, creating numerous “pockets” and hiding places, much like you might find in a natural forest. Portions containing warm-weather plants are enclosed, but much of the structure is open to the air.
While it only occupies a single block, this park-as-building is substantial enough to represent a neighborhood of its own. Each level is covered in foliage, ranging from creepers to flowers to lawns to trees. Artificial streams run through the structure, and an artificial waterfall graces the interior. In some areas, tree-lined “hallways” cut through the building. Apertures in the structure let in light and moisture. Ramps and stairways connect the different levels. Most of the plants are native to New England, but a sealed section contains tropical plants like banyan trees and lianas.
EdenTech furnished the Gardens to the city for additional greenery in the area, as well as a promotion for its ability to construct “urban green living for the new millennium.” While EdenTech staff patrol the Gardens in much the same way as police would patrol a normal park, they are a bit understaffed, and the Gardens have begun to acquire a somewhat unsavory reputation for assaults and other dangers.
Hanging Gardens Sewer System Entrance
There are many entrances to the Titan City sewer system scattered throughout Alexandria and other districts. The sewer entrance near Hanging Gardens was hidden in a stone sculpture to fit with the artistic look of the Hanging Gardens environment, with the entrance to the sewer entering into the face of an enigmatic stone figure.
The Hanging Gardens will be a fascinating structure to explore, and a great meeting ground for missions and battles taking place in Alexandria.