Letter from Todd
I hope you and your loved ones remain healthy during this unprecedented time. COVID-19 brought instant changes to our lives, including stresses many of us have never experienced. One of the most challenging aspects has been the unknown. What is our new normal amid a pandemic, and how will we effectively handle the disruptions it brings? Processing these changes continues to be time consuming, but through the adjustments and frustrations, we are learning how to work differently with heightened safety precautions. Please know that your safety and wellbeing will always be our top priority. 

We have implemented a number of new protocols you can read about in this newsletter, including guidelines and tips to keep everyone safe on the jobsite and at home. It has always made both health and economic sense for our company to follow strong safety measures, and that remains true now. We have been and will be rewarded for our successful safety culture. Our unified efforts will have a positive impact on our coworkers, families, communities, clients, industry, and everyone’s bottom line. By doing our part to wear masks, properly distance, continuously sanitize, and take other precautions, each of us helps to prevent virus spread and thereby prevents sickness among coworkers and family members; this in turn prevents downtime and loss of income. We are all interconnected in this way, and we will be relying on each other’s smart, thoughtful decision making to keep each other well, keep projects running smoothly, and spur the construction sector of the economy without setbacks. 

One constant through all of this is my confidence in our team. Our diverse work expertise will be invaluable in the months to come. Our ability to move between different scopes of work with flexibility will enhance our marketability in this competitive climate. In addition to the high quality work and service we provide, we’re also committed to caring about one another, and that trait is recognized by those who hire us. These are the qualities that make Hardman Construction a great company and keep us strong and successful when faced with adversity.

Thank you for all you do as part of our team. As we adapt and grow, there will undoubtedly be bumps, and we will work through them together. Please reach out with questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you on the jobsite! 
Todd Schrader
What we're up to...

Generally, the featured projects are a look back on the great work completed during the previous quarter, but looking at a few of our current jobs seemed like a nice change of pace. While we have a number of other projects currently running and starting soon, the following help showcase some of the diverse work our team constructs.

I-75 Modernization Project

The I-75 project as a whole is a multi-year, multi-faceted project to update a large portion of I-75 in Detroit and the surrounding area. One of the best parts of this project has been our team’s involvement from conceptualization to construction. Hardman’s portion of the work will create a permanent wall, and while not continuous, the work is spread across roughly four miles of road. At the end of the project our crew will have installed 512 tieback anchors that range from 40’-74’ in drilled length. In total, there will be over 28,000 feet of total drill length.
Shelby Road Bridge

The crew at the Shelby Road Bridge project is putting the finishing touches on the bridge that was constructed last year. The final push these past few weeks included slope restoration, miscellaneous work on the bridge, and placing rock in the spillway. 
Pigeon Lake

At this Consumers Energy project in West Olive, a seawall wall was replaced. The first phase of the job included pulling and driving sheets and took place toward the end of 2019. The second portion of work currently being completed includes placing 460 feet of sidewalk, along with a few other items to wrap up the project. Although sidewalk work isn’t something we typically get ourselves into, the crew has proved they can excel doing that work too.
Keeping you safe on the job has always been our top priority. We are dedicated to putting measures in place to help reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 at work. While we are following all CDC and OSHA guidelines, here are just a few of the things you can expect as you re-enter the workplace:
  • Individual lockers. Our shop team in Ludington has been busy fabricating lockers for the jobsites. The lockers will allow employees to store tools, cleaning supplies, and other items in a personal space while at work.
  • Hand washing stations and cleaning supplies. Each jobsite will have water, soap, hand sanitizer, and other CDC approved cleaning supplies. Employees are encouraged to clean tools and other supplies thoroughly and often. Additionally, employees should frequently wash their hands, especially before eating.
  • Face coverings and social distancing. Employees will be given face masks to protect themselves and others on the job site. We realize it can be hard to maintain social distancing practices at all times during work, but you should be aware of your space and keep 6 feet between yourself and your co-workers whenever possible.
  • Temperature checks and self-evaluations. Upon entering the jobsite, employees will complete a self-evaluation checklist of symptoms. If you check "yes" to any of the symptoms, we ask that you do not come to work until you no longer have symptoms. There will also be thermometers on site and anyone running a fever will be asked to go home for the day. While we appreciate your dedication to our team, coming to work sick puts your co-workers, others on the site, and their families at risk for also becoming sick.
By keeping yourself safe you are also helping to keep your family and loved ones healthy. If you have any safety suggestions or questions, please talk with your supervisor or contact Karl Ulbrich.
Check it Out!
Hardman Construction is a recipient of a 2020 Governor's Award for Historic Preservation for the work on the relocation and rehabilitation of the M-86 Cambelback Pony Truss Bridge. This award recognizes a variety of organizations who have worked to preserve Michigan's historic and cultural resources.

The bridge was originally built in 1923 and was located over the Rouge River on Telegraph Road in Wayne County. In the late 1930's it was relocated to M-86 in St. Joseph County over the Prairie River. After years at this spot, the traffic had become too heavy for the size of the bridge. Rather than simply demolish the bridge, it was decided the bridge would be refurbished and relocated to its new location on Crystal Springs Road in Cass County.

The project was unique for a couple of years. At the time of relocation the bridge was the only Pony Truss Bridge on MDOT's main trunkline and preserving it was very important. In addition, the restoration process was extremely methodical. Each piece of the bridge was dismantled and sent off site to be restored and repainted. Once the the pieces were restored they were transported to the current site where the bridge was reassembled using a hot rivet technique. This technique would have been near identical to how the bridge was originally built.

Having a hand in preserving our State's history is very rewarding. We are proud to be part of the project and the quality work performed.
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