August 2018

"We are an organization of churches that is committed
to the mission of Christ to multiply disciple-making churches
through evangelism, leadership training, and connection with
other like-minded churches."

“Flying the Friendly Skies” - Part 1
"Like air travel, living life with other churches in the region is all about making adjustments. It is much like dealing with mechanical delays, missed connections, lost luggage, annoying seat partners, inconveniences, storms, unexpected turbulence, unanticipated surprises, and having to make the best of it so you truly enjoy the journey. "

Pat Phinney
CB North Central Regional Director
Karen's Update

"Though we have felt the pain and heartache of this adversity, we rest with the confidence of God’s deliverance. Our life will never be the same again, but as we move forward to the future with our “new normal”, we have hope in Him."  Read More
Humbly in the Hands of Jesus,
Pat and Karen Phinney

"A Nice Break"
"Our churches are alive and ministering in marvelous ways. Vacation Bible Schools, services at fairs grounds, innovative ministry ideas, Bible camps, and missions trips make for vibrant fellowships." Read More

"Our pastor cluster groups provide meaningful times
of encouragement for pastors."

Pastor Eldon Carlson
CB North Central, Regional Cluster Group Director

Good Morning at Caribou!

Caribou Coffee has a chalkboard where they post a question each day. On this particular day the question reads "What do you want to do in the future?". If you follow the sloppy green arrow (that I drew) you'll see the best answer on the board.
I love this!!

Wendy Jonasen
CBNC Admin. Asst.

Congratulations to Pastor Steve Daggett who retired from Cavalier Baptist Church in Cavalier, ND in July. Thank you for your many years of service. Blessings to you as you begin this new chapter in your life and the life of your family.

Please pray for Cavalier Baptist Church as they search for a pastor to lead their congregation.

Congratulations to Pastor Mike Mead & Noelridge Park Church in Cedar Rapids, IA. Pastor Mead began his position as pastor at Noelridge this past Sunday, 8-5-18. Pray for this pastor and congregation as they make this new and exciting transition.
2620 Duncan Rd.
Bloomer, WI 54724
(715) 568-1979 // (715) 568-1980

Bloomer Baptist, Bloomer WI has an opening for a Youth Pastor/Assistant to the Pastor position. CLICK HERE for details.

An Interview with Pastor Jeremy Adelman
First Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

This month we are highlighting Pastor Jeremy Adelman who is the new Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. He began his new ministry position in June this year. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Jeremy through his answers to our personal interview with him.  Read More

CBAmerica Chaplaincy
" Faces of Hope: Ministry to Women Abused, Addicted, and Arrested "
(photo: Jerry and her husband, James)

"This year I met up with some familiar faces that found themselves in need of a friend. Once again, they were willing to have me in their lives, letting me share God’s love, peace, and plan for them.

-by Chaplain Jerry Levizon-Hughes, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Rev. Andy Meverden
Director of Chaplaincy
3686 Stagecoach Rd, Unit F
Longmont, CO 80504
22 Must-Read Books for Preachers in 2018 (Recommended by Preachers and Church Leaders)
"Looking for some  must-read books  for preachers because you are a preacher/pastor/church leader?
These  books for preachers  aren’t all preaching books, but books that other preachers and church leaders find to be important for us to read."
See the list HERE -by Brandon Kelley,

R.C. Sproul: Preach Simply Not Simplistically
"A great teacher can simplify without distortion. This is the supreme test of understanding." Read More -by SermonCentral,

Rusty George: Pastors Need Community
“Tell your story, share your pain, be vulnerable. You’ll be hurt again but it’s worth the journey.” Listen to Podcast -by Jason Daye,
PLEASE PRAY for the Following Churches in Transition
First Baptist Church - Detroit Lakes, MN
First Baptist Church - Jackson, MN
Faithbridge Church - Park Rapids, MN
Cavalier Baptist Church - Cavalier, ND
Faith Baptist Church - Kenmare, ND
First Baptist Church - New Richmond, WI
CB North Central Cluster Groups

Central Minnesota
Monday, August 13, 10am to Noon
Meeting at River of Live Church, Hastings, MN
Steve Schoenwald, River of Life Church, Hastings, MN

Southwest Minnesota
Next Meeting to be Announced
Walt Moser, First Baptist Church, Luverne, MN

Family picnic at Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls on Friday, August 17th, 6pm.
Also plan for a men's retreat on Friday and Saturday, Sept 28-29, at Arrowhead Bible Camp in New Auburn, WI.
Eldon Carlson, Bloomer, WI
Wade Duroe, Crossroads Church, Chippewa Falls, WI

Next Meeting to be Announced
Jay Jentink, Calvary Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Tuesday, September 11 (time and place to be announced)
Art Georges, Living Hope Community Church, Bartonville, IL

Monday, September 10 (time and place to be announced)
Nate Wagner, Sparta Baptist Church, Sparta, MI

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Regional Executive Director
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