There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now and it can feel so scattering. Your thoughts might be spinning, and you may find you're triggered by all the social media and news right now. We are globally going through a transformation.
You might be asking yourself, do your words even matter? That answer is a big yes.
Words have the greatest potential to impact the world. When words are both true and kind, authentic and real, it creates a ripple effect of healing both inside and out. This includes the silent words we tell ourselves!
This is why we're so excited to announce that our friend and colleague Dawn Montefusco, Transformational Writing Coach, (who is a former member of the Emily Post Institute team) has created an amazing 10-day video series for writers to help you get your stories out of your head and onto the page.  Dawn invited Lizzie Post to be on the show as her guest and once again, they had such a blast last time - for those of you who remember, last year Dawn and Lizzie spoke about Higher Etiquette. This time, they'll be talking about the writing process for the 20th edition of Etiquette, during the pandemic. Lizzie's interview goes live August 23rd! 

Anyone can watch the entire event online and it's FREE!
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Dawn has gathered some of the world's greatest leaders, best-selling writers, spiritual teachers, song writers, and personal development coaches to share their stories, strategies and thoughts on how to break through any writing resistance so you can start writing like you've never done before!
As a company focused on producing content and discussing and exploring the impact words have in our society, we are excited to bring opportunities like this to you, our audience. You hear us talk about it all the time on the podcast and in our books, and interviews, HOW you say something matters. And part of that how, is the words we choose. Whether through a book, a blog, as a speaker, on your social media accounts or in your journal, words have the potential to help you and others feel better, heal past wounds, and restore a sense of love and connection.
This 10-day writing series is engaging, deep, and ridiculously inspiring - and it's FREE!
Dawn and the other writers in the series will give you tips and strategies that will help you....
●  Learn why NOW is the most important time in human history to write.
●  How words can heal past trauma, depression, grief, and anxiety.
●  Find out why it's important for your inner fulfillment to honor your calling as a writer.
●  How to find inner peace and allow your intuition to guide you when you write.
●  And much more...
THE SERIES BEGINS AUGUST 17th and you can watch and listen as experts discuss what sparked them to write, how embracing their creativity unleashed their power, and how to stay inspired when the inner critic starts to get the best of you.
If you're ready to feel the healing power of words and be inspired to write, this is your invitation to grab a seat for  The Healing Power of Words: Create With Passion and Write Powerful Stories that Impact the World.  
Join us to reconnect to your own inner wisdom and have fun doing it!
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P.S. If you have a friend who needs to know about this event, please forward this email to them or share the link. Let's spread the healing power of words to as many people as we can.