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Optimize your diet plan with Metabolic Typing

May 2012

close up JimWhy is it that one diet works wonders for one person and doesn't for another? Or your friend goes on a raw food cleanse and feels fantastic whereas another person feels miserable (and it's not just a "cleansing reaction")? 
Have you noticed how your dietary needs can change with the season or time in your life? The reason is that each person's biochemistry is unique and has unique food and macro-nutrient ratio (protein/fat/carbohydrate) requirements. 

Around the year 2000 I started working with a system called metabolic typing to help my clients identify the best foods and macro-nutrient ratios to optimize their health. I have yet to find a more effective system for customizing dietary programs for my clients.  
Some of the common benefits you'll experience when you are on your correct metabolic type diet plan include:
  • Consistent balanced energy
  • Clear thinking and ability to concentrate 
  • Improved memory and cognitive function
  • Reaching and maintaining your optimum weight
  • Faster recovery from illness and injury

In the video below I give an overview of Metabolic tying and how it can help you reach optimum health. 


How to individualize your diet plan with Metabolic Typing
."It is more important to know what kind of patient has a disease than what kind of disease a patient has."-Hippocrates, Greek physician of the 4th century B.C.
How to determine your optimum diet with Metabolic Typing
How to determine your optimum diet with Metabolic Typing
More information on Metabolic typing
I've found that when my clients follow their metabolic typing program 90% or more of the time they see dramatic improvements in their health. What has been missing in the MT program until recently; however, is an efficient educational support program. Now there is a system for both practitioners and students to use which gives us the tools to keep you on track and provide me with the feedback I need to more effectively coach you. 


 Here is a link to a fantastic Free 4 part video seriesgoing into more detail on how  Metabolic Typing works and why it is essential to understand for reaching optimal health. Just sign up on my website and you'll receive access to these wonderful educational short videos. , More on Metabolic Typing
I hope this information has been helpful. Please call or email me with any comments or questions. 

James Jordan, JD, CNC, CMTA
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Jim's Metabolic Typing webpage

"By using metabolic typing you will determine your ideal ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates and which specific foods balance or imbalance your metabolism and energy.


 For access to a Free four part video series on how metabolic typing works 





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Metabolic Types originate from human evolution and adaptation
To understand why metabolic typing works one must look at the two principles of evolution and adaptation. Over a period of many thousands of years our ancestors developed individualized dietary needs in response to many unique aspects of their habitats--geographic, location, climate, naturally occurring vegetation and food supply. For example, people from cold harsh northern regions of the world typically require meat and fat to sustain themselves, while people from tropical regions generally developed metabolic requirements for much lighter foods such as fruits, grains and vegetables.