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Systemic Enzymes and Getting in the Flow 
April 2, 2012

In my last newsletter/video blog I spoke about getting your bowels moving well. In past newsletters and videos I've written and spoken about getting your circulatory and lymphatic systems flowing well. Each of these functions reflects a basic principle of health: Flow. When toxins are flowing out of your system faster and more efficiently than they are building up and oxygen and nutrients are flowing to your tissues and cells your health will be vital and vibrant. 
In this short video clip I talk about the principle of flow and how you can maximize in all aspects of your life. 
Systemic Enzymes and Getting in the Flow
Systemic Enzymes and getting in the flow

Principles of Flow 
 Optimizing flow in your physical body includes:  

  • Movement: dancing, yoga, walking, exercising. Getting the lymphatic system moving is essential for waste removal from cells.
  • Drinking plenty of pure, fresh water. Try for 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day. Add fresh lemon for taste and to alkalinize  your system
  • Drinking fresh organic vegetable juice daily. Nothing like fresh juice to flush toxins out. Add bitter greens like dandelion greens, collards, kale or beet tops to enhance bile flow. Also, herbs like milk thistle and dandelion root improve liver function. 
  • Take a high quality systemic enzyme formula on an empty stomach 2 x day to clean up waste in the blood, reduce inflammation and support detoxification processes. Top brands include: Wobenzyme, Vitalzym and Intenzyme Forte. 
I've found to optimize flow in life in general it works best for me to be more general in my goals. Instead of saying I want this exact thing to happen such as reach X number of people with my newsletters or live in this specific house I might say I want to reach the people that will be receptive to and benefit from my newsletter and I want a home that is comfortable for me and provides for my needs. 
By setting my intention more general I give life and spirit more room to orchestrate things for my greatest good and the greatest good for others. 
It's a simple principle but works better and takes pressure off me to create everything in life. 
The 5 Benefits Of Systemic Enzymes


  1. Systemic Enzymes reduce fibrosis (scar tissue) 
  2. Systemic Enzymes reduce pain and inflammation 

  3. Systemic Enzymes modulate the immune system 

  4. Systemic Enzymes reduce and cleanse the blood of toxins 

  5. Systemic Enzymes reduce Viruses


sticky red blood cells and high fibrin levels from inflammation

When you take systemic enzymes on an empty stomach the enzymes go into your blood stream and start to break down excess fibrin, toxins and plaque in the blood thereby improving circulation and enhancing overall oxygenation and nutrient delivery to tissues and optimizing waster removal. 


Blood that once looked like this to the left will look like this picture on the right. When your circulation improves all aspects of your health improve: energy, thinking processes, reduced pain and inflammation, exercise  recovery capacity, mood - everything.   

healthy blood

Viruses are protected by a protein coating. Systemic enzymes are high in protease which eats away the protein shield of the virus allowing your immune system to attack and destroy the virus. 



I have used several very high quality brands of systemic enzymes in my practice. Currently I am using Intenzyme Forte from Biotics research because they are as effective as the more popular brands and are much more affordable than other brands I have used. In some cases up to 1/3 to 1/4 the price per tablet.  





I hope this information has been helpful and informative. I welcome feedback and questions. 

James Jordan
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