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The Healthcare Industry: Successful Hiring 

Part One 

In this series, we will cite research and findings from Bersin & Associates' "Selection Assessments for Acquiring and Developing Talent in the Healthcare Industry," and Aberdeen Group "Human Capital Management Trends 2013".


For sure, hiring people who sincerely care for the welfare of others and placing them in the right jobs is crucial in the healthcare industry.


In today's economy - particularly, given the new healthcare legislation - even the most multifaceted and powerful healthcare organizations are in a constant state of flux. Despite ample growth, turnover rates and inadequate management can have a significant impact on even the strongest organizations.


Approximately one in every seven new hires in the healthcare industry leaves his/her jobs within the first twelve months 


Even with a large pool of qualified candidates, identifying job applicants best suited for a particular position can be challenging...sometimes, the challenge is overwhelming for many HR professionals.

Contrasting proven hiring techniques and best practices from those experiencing fewer people challenges, we can see the tremendous value of investing in assessments for the hiring process.


Selection assessments provide the tools and technology that enable organizations to evaluate whether or not a person has the right behaviors, attributes and interests to perform successfully in the job. 


Seventy-seven percent of organizations, across all industries, include some form of selection assessment in their overall acquisition strategy.


The healthcare industry is one of the world's fastest growing fields. The workforce is so large that one in every eleven US residents is employed in the industry. Yet, another Bersin report outlined how, although a booming industry, healthcare appears to be one of the least mature regarding overall talent issues. According to Bersin, when compared with other industries, the healthcare industry is lagging behind in talent acquisition strategies.


Best in Class 2013 strategies include pre and post-hire assessment processes.


Key to improving quality of selection requires an in-depth understanding of the critical factors necessary for successful performance in every position.


The best way to identify essential qualities for a job role is to study those qualities among top, middle and bottom performers. Creating a benchmark allows you to more effectively identify these traits.  


Along with creating a benchmark, it is important to outline a checklist of the particular job profile including:

  • Characteristics of the position
  • Organizational culture
  • Core competencies
  • Business model
  • Past barriers for success
  • Team environment
  • Expectations
  • Career tracks/succession plans

Assessments that measure predefined skills, behavioral traits and interests are a science-based means of ascertaining job and culture fit. This process can be leveraged for even greater benefit by using a variety of assessments throughout the organization, from executive-level positions to front-line workers.


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