The HEART BEAT August 2018
As you know, House with a Heart residents are dogs who come to HWAH and have a “Home for Life”.   Recently we opened our hearts to a few very special needs dogs that we are caring for in partnership with other rescues, called “Busters Buddies”. And they are given the same love and care that we do all of the Sanctuary critters. But SOMETIMES it is not the best of the best and that is what we always want for our charges.

Some pups become “Forever Fosters”.

These are pups who are happier in a more calm and quiet setting with more hands-on attention than they can get in the Sanctuary full of doggie friends all vying for attention.

Won’t YOU think about fostering a senior pup and making their life SPECIAL!!!????

Happenings around House with a Heart
Chris has found her "Niche"
WOWZER – Chris has really stepped up and taken the bull by the horns.  She has been working as our General Manager of Daily Operations for the past few weeks—wooohooo fancy title for “working your butt off”…

Chris is handling all the door bell rings and the arrivals and pickups – so now SHE is the one running in circles in my place and I am SO INCREDIBLY grateful.  I think Chris has found her niche!!!!
Watch this action packed video of Happy and Friends
racing around the yard at HWAH
HWAH August Birthdays!
August 1, 2004
Happy was once a fluffy white pup and he had his very own family and was much loved and pampered. Sadly one day he suddenly couldn’t move his back legs… the family had no idea what had happened and rushed him to the Vet.

The Grandpa of the family took on the care of Happy. He kept him clean and groomed and spoiled him greatly.   A year passed and the task just became too much to keep Happy clean and dry so it was decided to try to find him a new home.  Sadly no one wanted this little handicapped guy who needed so much extra care and HWAH was contacted

Tinker - Buster's Buddies
August 7, 2002
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HWAH Seriously Senior Dog Grant Recipient - House with a ...

Rainbow Friends is the recipient of a grant from the "House with a Heart Fund for Seriously Senior Dogs" selected by The Grey Muzzle Organization.

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