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Sally - "An Amazing Transformation"

Some of the residents that have come to us over the years have been in really rough shape when they arrived- some were homeless, some were abused, and some were just plain neglected. Sweet Sally was all of those things!!

Sally is a case that shows the amazing transformative power of some good old-fashioned TLC and love. Our little Sally is estimated to be close to ten-years-old. This lovable, dear girl came to us as a severe neglect case and was given to us in deplorable condition. She was covered in dried urine and feces as if she had been left in a crate with no way out. She had bald spots where her hair was just peeling off of her skin. She was so thin we could count every rib. If ever a little dog needed the restorative powers of love and care it was Sally.

We are thrilled to report that Sally is now a thriving, happy and healthy little poodle living in her Forever Foster home with the one human she loves the most – Frances!
When Sally lived at the Sanctuary and Frances would come to visit us, Sally couldn’t hide her delight and when Frances left the Sanctuary she couldn’t hide her distress!

Sally made it known in no uncertain terms that Frances was her person. Thankfully, Frances agreed and now Sally shares her love for Frances with her pack mates, Sage and Barkley.
This is an except read by one of our Forever Foster Moms Frances from our New Book: "Senior Dogs, Tongues & Tales".
All of the proceeds go to support the Senior Dogs of House with a Heart!

SENIOR DOGS: Tongues & Tales - "Sally"
Keeping Coooolllll!!!
HWAH August Birthdays!
August 1, 2004
Happy was once a fluffy white pup and he had his very own family and was much loved and pampered. Sadly one day he suddenly couldn’t move his back legs… the family had no idea what had happened and rushed him to the Vet.

The Grandpa of the family took on the care of Happy. He kept him clean and groomed and spoiled him greatly.   A year passed and the task just became too much to keep Happy clean and dry so it was decided to try to find him a new home.  Sadly no one wanted this little handicapped guy who needed so much extra care and HWAH was contacted

Happy June 2019
Happy loving Piper
Joie and Happy outdoors
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