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"Meet the Residents - 2018"
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Message From Sher
I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and that you are looking forward to a joyous Holiday season topped off with a New Year full of exciting possibilities and happiness.
 2018 has been a productive year at HWAH with an incredible Team of volunteers who work at the Sanctuary and off site making sure that we fulfill our mission of saving seriously senior pups. 
 Our Media team headed up by Jacquie works hard at communicating all of the HWAH news via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our Blog, our annual print newsletter and this e-newsletter. We realize that not everyone uses Social Media so we try to cover all the bases in order to ensure that each of our supporters can share in the news, the ups and downs, the sad stories and the success stories.
 All year round I am grateful for the support of the thousands of people who make it possible for us to improve the lives of senior dogs, but at this time of year it seems imperative to say it one more time LOUD and CLEAR!!!   You are appreciated!!
 I hope you have enjoyed receiving the HeartBeat this past year and will continue to stay connected to HWAH in this way and even share with your friends and family the HWAH story. Some folks have taken the time to send a note back when they receive the e-newsletter and we all delight in reading the comments and the stories they share about their own pets or rescue experiences.
 All of us at HWAH are so grateful for your support and wish you a truly remarkable 2019!!
 With so much thankfulness and gratitude – Hugs and HOPE!!! sher
Meet the Kitties
Fluffy --- oh this is a kitty with an ATTITUDE!!!! Look out if you are intending to brush her. She is fast as lightening with her teeth and claws. She believes herself to be the Boss Cat and expects everyone to respect her personal kitty space. 

For Fluffy, the higher the better and she loves her toys… that laser light is no match for her. Fluffy is also a food connoisseur, canned, kibble or treats – they are all good and need to be served RIGHT NOW!!! She is a delicate eater that looks as if she needs a lace hanky to wipe her whiskers with.  

Fluffy is celebrating her birthday on December 1, and will be 12 years old.
Gianni is a kitty with a sweet personality and many fans at HWAH. . 

Gianni is such a stoic kitty and never was that more apparent than the day when he jumped up on a shelf to groom himself. When he jumped down to come for his dinner we believe his leg became caught and it snapped.  

I was calling him…kitty, kitty…and went to look to see what was taking him so long. He walked slowly towards me as if there was nothing unusual about having a leg that was swinging in a circle obviously horribly broken.

Sips for Seniors - Olney Winery
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