The HEART BEAT February 2019
Monthly Update:
K9 Medical Miracles at Work
Toby safe at Leashes End
Taking a stroll
Toby with his new pal
As you know, House with a Heart residents are dogs who come to HWAH and have a “Home for Life”.   

Often when a rescue group goes to a shelter, they only look for young healthy dogs, even though many people are now considering a Senior or Special needs dog when looking to adopt.

For the past year, we have been providing a new way to help Senior and Special needs dogs – by encouraging partner rescues to accept senior dogs from shelters.

With our K9 Medical Miracle funds, we can step up with necessary initial medical care to make them adoptable and give them a new forever home. Here is just one of our success stories:

From our Asst Director, Lori:
"I visited Leashes End today to visit Toby. Toby was brought into MCASAC as a stray. They found the owner, but they didn’t want him anymore. He was starving, matted, sores and horrible teeth. Leashes End stepped in and adopted him. Risa at Leashes End applied for our K9 Medical Miracle Fund for Toby’s senior exam, cardiologist and dental. Toby is a sweet 21 year old Pomeranian Cocker Spaniel mix who is now safe and recovering nicely".

From our rescue partner, LeashesEnd
"Toby: 21-year-old Toby is a sweet Pomeranian-Cocker Spaniel mix. He came to us on Christmas Eve 2018 after his family refused to pick him up from the shelter, where he was turned in as a stray. Toby’s initial vet checkup and senior panel confirmed that he’ll need to see the cardiologist to treat his enlarged heart and significant heart murmur. Poor Toby’s mouth is rotten and almost certainly a source of pain. But he can’t undergo anesthesia for a dental until the cardiologist clears him for surgery".  

"House with a Heart has generously offered to help with his medical expenses through their K9 Medical Miracle Fund.  
We are beyond grateful!!! It is clear that Toby led a life of frightful neglect and possibly even abuse. But little by little, his anxiety is fading to calmness; he’s gaining weight and confidence; he’s accepting care and love; and he’s healing in mind and body".

Happenings around House with a Heart

A visit from Dr. Handel and his team from Kentlands Vet
on our regular Vet Check Day
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With Love from Everyone at House with a Heart, where "Love Always Lives Here"...
Some of the residents have passed, but their love story lingers on.

Happy Valentines Day!…
Our HWAH February Birthday!
Clementine is our very own "darlin". At 18 years old, she is one of the oldest residents at House with a Heart.
Oh My darling' Clementine
She hangs out in the kitchen in her open pen area with her pottie pads and her little hut. She loves to snuggle inside her hidey hole and she especially loves it when her Human BFF, Rich, comes to visit.

Rich is here every Saturday and carries Clemie around in his arms for 2 hours. You can understand why she would put up a fuss when he leaves. Several other Volunteers have stepped in to spend time with Clemie during the week.
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The Dodo

Senior dogs get overlooked in shelters all the time. But anyone who's ever had one knows that senior dogs make the most loving, BEST pets in the whole world ❤️

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