The HEART BEAT July 2018
More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year!!!! Please KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE this holiday!
And, Happy Fourth of July!
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Monthly Update: Making a Difference
Rule #1 – Pets ALWAYS go in the back seat.
Never un-restrained
Never in your lap
Never blocking your view
Car travel should be fun, but most importantly, it should be safe…for the whole family. Here are a few tips to keep in mind this summer and all year long, whether you’re traveling a long distance or going about your daily routine.

A pet sitting in the passenger seat could be injured or killed by the airbag deploying. A small pet could crawl down near the foot pedals and get in the way of the brake. A large pet could block your view of the road.

Even if your pet is not severely injured, unrestrained pets can easily escape and run away if you’re distracted during even a small fender bender. If you’re in an unfamiliar area, your dog has no way of finding their way home. Please check out our blog below for more safety tips.
Happenings around House with a Heart
Carts A Go! Go!
“When I was first volunteering at HWAH, Pam, Happy’s special friend, would take Happy for a walk and I would walk along with Logan. It was amazing how fast Happy could run in his cart – so impressive. He didn’t feel handicapped. Soon afterwards, I adopted a little rescue dog I met at HWAH, Little Blake, who could walk a little at first but soon his back legs no longer could hold him up.
I knew from watching Happy’s experience what a cart could do so one was ordered for Little Blake by the rehab therapist working with him. I will never forget how happy he was on his first walk with his wheels. 
If someone went by on a bike or skateboard he would try to outrun them, with only me holding him back. He loved that cart and every single walk. He didn’t feel handicapped, either”. as told by our HWAH Volunteer Frances....

House with a Heart has had several dogs with medical conditions that eventually resulted in the loss of the use of their back legs for walking….a wonderful rescue named Little Blake, Vickie Mia, gone but not forgotten, and Happy….
HWAH July Birthdays!
Nora - July 1, 2008
Sally - July 4, 2009
Coco - July 15, 2006
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