The HEART BEAT July 2019
More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year!!!!

Enjoy this short video from HWAH (by Emily Z)
And, Happy Fourth of July!
Monthly Update: Making a Difference
Emily - Many Hats
Emily is definitely one of our HWAH Angels!! She is an important part of our Core Team and wears many hats!

 Emily works with our Short Term Care visitors in the Kennel, getting to the Sanctuary early in the morning Monday through Friday to let the pups out and give them their breakfast.  This has been a real blessing for Sher so she can concentrate on the residents.

Emily gets every resident and visiting pup out for an early afternoon playtime whenever the weather allows.  This is in addition to their regular potty breaks throughout the day.  The dogs go out in playgroups or individually, whichever is best for them.

 All of the dogs, both residents and visitors, who are willing, get a regular spa treatment with Emily. She brushes them, cleans eyes, ears and even backends and generally makes each of them feel special and loved.

Emily has been key recently in getting Piper to the Vet and the Surgeon and helping with Piper’s rehabilitation during her recent crisis with IVDD and subsequent surgery.  Emily has added Medical Transporter to her list of duties, filling in for Frances when needed.

 AND…. We cannot forget that Emily is an incredible Photographer, taking lots of photos of the residents and visiting pups.  Her work can be seen in our first HWAH Book,  Tongues and Tales ..  Emily is also a talented musician and singer, songwriter and has done several YouTube videos over the years, . But most recently she has focused her talents on her biggest passion, loving and caring for senior dogs.

And, to round things out, she is a Forever Foster Mom to Spike! (shown above with Spike)

We are so grateful that Emily is part of our HWAH TEAM!!!
Happenings around House with a Heart
Poppy - Forever Foster with Lori
We are pleased to share another special reading from our new book "SENIOR DOGS: Tongues & Tales"
Volunteer Shout Out!
Check out Volunteers Cris and Carol who are putting in our new Pavers FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cris is a Contractor and has a friend who had a lot of left over pavers and that friend gave them to Cris for us. Cris loaded them in his pickup, brought them to the Sanctuary, unloaded and placed them and will now work on getting them set into the grass so the mower can go over them. Poop Scooping in that yard is going to be a BREEZE!!!!

Thank to all of our wonderful volunteers who help with special projects at HWAH and make things better for Sher and the pups...
HWAH July Birthdays!
Sally - July 4, 2009
Our Sweet Sally is now in Forever Foster care with one of our long time volunteers, Frances!

Today is the day we celebrate her birthday - we think she will be 10 years old!

And Sally has a sister, Sage. Here they are playing in their yard. I am pretty sure that Sage is playing but Sally is bossing her sibling around!!! That is our Sally!
Coco the Bichon - July 15, 2006
Coco is a reserved little Bichon who prefers her own company most of the time. Coco’s Owner loved her little pup very much, but sadly financial and health issues made it more and more difficult for her to give Coco the care she needed.

Read Coco's full story in our new book: "SENIOR DOGS:Tongues & Tales"
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