The HEART BEAT June 2018
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How we answer the question
"You Spent WHAT???
At House with a Heart, one of our greatest expenses is medical care for our senior dogs/cats. A lot of folks have seen various online posts/blogs and videos where we talk about how much the medical expense can be over time for any given resident.

And I imagine some folks are thinking – “how could you possibly spend that much money?”  or “I know this may sound horrible but those dogs are going to a nice place to die so why are they spending so much money for medications and surgeries”?
Over the years at HWAH, we have become more and more conscious of looking at the next steps down the road for the dog, and asking “is the treatment to improve their life or just prolong it?” It is very difficult to make the hard choices when a beloved dog such as Marzi is taken for treatment, and recovers.

Happenings around House with a Heart
We've been having fun sharing videos made by our HWAH volunteers on our YouTube Channel.

Check out our playlists and find your favorite:

Here is a fan favorite,
"Muffin Top Mania" (This is seriously cute folks)

How do they do that -
When they're Blind?
Blindness seems to be common among seriously seniors but most of the pups who have lived at House with a Heart have all handled their blindness quite well. 
We are blessed with folks who understand and love blinds dogs the same as the rest of our seriously seniors. 
People forget that vision is not the primary sense in dogs. It may be for people, but not for dogs!

Watch this fun video with Copper while he explores the
House with a Heart grounds... blind
HWAH June Birthdays!
Forever Foster - Munchkin -
June 1, 2008
Munchkin came to HWAH when she was found as a stray kitty. Since Munchkin only had 3 legs we wanted a special home for her. When Siggi lost her beloved cat of 19 years, Sweet Pea, she was looking to foster a cat that would sit on her lap and keep her company. Munchkin fit the bill and went to live with Siggi in 2010. She is a lively loveable girl that loves to sit atop her 3 tiered cat perch, in her bed in the front bay, or on the ledge of the back windows. She gets lots of attention as the only cat..
Forever Foster
Poppy - June 25, 2005
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