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Wrigley's Story - as read by our Director Sher from our new book,
"SENIOR DOGS: Tongues & Tales"
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HWAH June Birthdays
Munchkin - our Forever Foster with her Mom Siggi - She is having a June 1st birthday and will be 11 years old! Munchkin came to HWAH when she was found as a stray kitty. Since Munchkin only had 3 legs we wanted a special home for her.

She went to live with Siggi in 2010. She is a lively lovable girl that loves to sit atop her 3 tiered cat perch, in her bed in the front bay, or on the ledge of the back windows. She gets lots of attention as the only cat. Watch her video below
Birthday Girl Poppy is celebrating her 14th birthday on June 25th. Her Forever Foster Mom Lori (and Dad John), are happily taking care of this precious "pup".

"The moment we met this girl, we fell in love. She is ADORABLE! Her personality is LOVEBUG."
She is also the "unofficial" mascot at all of the House with a Heart events. Watch her video below.

Staying In Touch

At House with a Heart, the days are long and often hectic. With the resident dogs and kitties, short term care visitors, and the volunteers all wanting / needing just a little something, Sher is often “out of touch” for most of the day.

House with a Heart started in 2006 when Sher’s husband, Joe was still alive. Starting a forever sanctuary for Senior Pets was a novel idea in those days, and Sher was truly a pioneer – in a lot of ways.

One of the first things she did was setup a website on Yahoo.com (yes back in those days, you could get a website from Yahoo). She would post things that were happening from time to time, in an effort to encourage others to support senior dogs (and cats).

Times changed and someone came forward and offered a hosted website, with multiple pages and content. But again Sher was doing it all. She did get help as time went by, with more volunteers able to post and manage the site.

With senior and special needs dogs/cats as well as our short term care visitors, it is unlikely our ‘Messenger’ response time will ever get to “instant” – the residents come first. But we do our best to stay in touch and respond as we are able.

So give us a shout at  housewithaheart@gmail.com ,
read our latest on our Blogs page:   https://housewithaheart.com/category/blog/

And Thank You for staying in touch – your cards and letters are read by all of us here at House with a Heart, and we enjoy hearing your stories…

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