The HEART BEAT March 2018
Oh My, Not a Cat, But a Dog?
This is the story of how Buddy, a transplant from NC came to House with a Heart…

Monthly Update: Making a Difference
Happenings around House with a Heart
We've been blessed to have visitors to our site from all around the world! Most recently we've heard from supporters from the UK, Brazil and Australia! For those of you who may not be able to visit in person, here are some pictures of the Sanctuary

Dixie and Marlie were in need of a new home to live out their golden years together! They have lived their entire lives in a local community of Sisters, however, the Sisters have all been relocated. Sadly, they were unable to keep their beloved pups. Here is the story of how we found out they are also dancing dogs…

HWAH March Birthdays!
Gianni - March 11, 2005
Jamison March 8, 2001 (with forever foster mom Susan)
BooBoo March 4, 2004
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