The HEART BEAT May 2018
This is the story of Nora and her journey to HWAH... Nora who is friendly and holds no grudge was quickly adopted and went to live with a busy family, who had lots of visitors coming in and out, and other dogs. Nora is a talker!!! Not really a barker, a talker!!
So she talked to the visitors, she talked to the other dogs, and she talked to her new family and no one realized they needed to make Nora stop TALKING!!!
After about 10 days…early in the morning, the family woke up to Nora coughing and coughing, hardly able to breathe!!
Monthly Update: Message From Sher
Happenings around House with a Heart
K-9 Medical Miracles Fundraiser @ Olney Winery Update! - ...

We are very excited to share with you the results of our first fundraiser for our K-9 Medical Miracles Program: Attendance was high - we had approximately 90 to 95 folks during the course of the evening - Thank you all who bought tickets, even if ...

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Frances came to HWAH in the fall of 2012.  

It was like an Angel had arrived. 

I am grateful every day that this wonderful person chose to work with our Seniors and Special Needs critters.  Frances has worked in so many different areas of the Sanctuary, I think she has covered most positions.  She always seems to fill whatever need arises...
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Alex, getting to know the pups
Sher, Alex and some of the HWAH gang
Alex/outside with pups
We wanted to share a special visit we had by Alex from Germany!
He has been following us on Facebook ever since he saw the Nat'l Geo video . He planned a visit to the United States, and we were lucky enough to be on his list of places to visit. He spent time with the pups and even was able to remember most of their names by the time he left!
HWAH May Birthdays!
Forever Foster
Gidget - May 4, 2004
Buster's Buddies
Marlie - May 8, 2006
Marlie, is an 12-year-old neutered male toy Australian Shepherd. He is a very dedicated, affectionate, faithful and loving boy. We enjoy teaching Marlie more tricks. Marlie also takes very seriously the herding characteristic of his breed.
HWAH Resident
Piper - May 14, 2015
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