The HEART BEAT November 2018
House with a Heart Challenge:
Share Your Love, Save A Senior
In a recent survey, their shelter and rescue group members reported that older pets have the hardest time finding homes. It’s a sad reality that these great animals are often the last to be adopted from shelters. However, November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month and we hope, with your help, to improve the adoption rate for older pets by spreading awareness about how great senior pets can be.

Story after story suggests that senior pets are especially grateful for their new home. They seem to know they’ve been rescued and owners often notice an extra special sense of love and appreciation from their senior pet.

The list can go on and on, but most importantly, when you adopt a senior pet, or even share knowledge about the need for senior pet adoptions, you are truly saving a life. We, on behalf of all the shelters and senior pets out there, thank you for that.

Want to help? Here are some things you can do:
  • Share this post to a friend who wants a new pet
  • Promote one senior pet on Facebook or Twitter every day this month. (On Twitter, add the hashtag #HWAHseniorpets.)
  • Share a Happy Tail story.
  • Post a photo of your senior pet (and tell us why he or she rules) on our Facebook wall.
  • Adopt a senior pet for Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month.

Happenings around House with a Heart
Sips for Seniors Fall Edition
Thanks to Lori and her amazing team of volunteers we had another successful event at The Olney Winery. The Lourdes of Jazz were awesome. The food was delicious and the wine was flowing. We had a few pups there to make sure the crowd didn’t get out of hand! The staff at the Olney Winery took great care of us. 

"It was my first night out in I am sure over 10 years. Thanks to Chris who came to the Sanctuary to cover for me I was able to drive to the event. It was a lovely evening and I so enjoyed seeing so many of our volunteers and the Mom’s and Dad’s of many of our BFF pups. Everyone was so kind and welcoming it was a wonderful first step to getting out of the house again after so many years of being “sanctuarybound”. I'm looking forward to more adventures!!! XXXOOO" sher
Wags R Us - brought to you by House with a Heart
HWAH November Birthdays!
November 4, 2002
Wrigley is a cute combo of Min Pin and Pom. He is a lovely honey brown with black accents, big expressive eyes, ears that are constantly in motion keeping track of his surroundings, and a tongue that hangs out the side of his mouth that just goes on forever!!!

Wrigley does have to wear a belly band as he has never seen a post, a pillar, a couch or chair that he doesn’t feel is crying out to have HIS scent on it!!  We laugh as he lifts his leg all around the house and when he looks up inquiringly we just tell him THAT is why he wears a belly band!!!

Bear - Forever Foster
November 22, 2003
After Bear had all his medical needs taken care of, I took him home on November 22nd, 2 days before Thanksgiving.  My husband got down on the floor and Bear went up to him and started kissing his nose.

My heart skipped a beat! For the rest of the night, Bear sat in John's lap while we watched t.v. He would follow John everywhere. John put a dog bed in his office so that Bear could sleep there while John was on the computer.

On our way home from Thanksgiving dinner, John asked "So where should we put the doggie door?"  Bear worked his magic and has been living with us ever since.

We claimed November 22nd as his birthday because that is the day he was given a second chance at love.

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