The HEART BEAT November 2019
November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month
House with a Heart Challenge:
Share Your Love, Save A Senior
November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month and we hope, with your help, to improve the adoption rate for older pets by spreading awareness about how great senior pets can be.

Love Lives Here:
Story after story suggests that senior pets are especially grateful for their new home. They seem to know they’ve been rescued and owners often notice an extra special sense of love and appreciation from their senior pet.

Want to help? Here are some things you can do:
  • Share this post to a friend who wants a new pet
  • Promote one senior pet on Facebook or Twitter every day this month. (On Twitter, add the hashtag #HWAHseniorpets.)
  • Share a Happy Tail story.
  • Post a photo of your senior pet (and tell us why he or she rules) on our Facebook wall.
  • Adopt a senior pet for Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month.

Happenings around House with a Heart
Katrin Weixel – Calm & Happy
We love our volunteers, and the Sanctuary would not be what it is without them! We wanted to share another special story about an amazing volunteer at the Sanctuary, Katrin Weixel.

Kat found HWAH through her work at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. They did a supply drive for HWAH back in 2009, and Kat helped to drop off the supplies. We asked her to tell us a little more about herself and about what brought her to House with a Heart:

I started volunteering at HWAH in 2011. I prep 2 weeks of dog medications every other Wednesday night. And while I cut and count out pills and measure liquid meds into syringes, I enjoy conversation with Sher and others from the Wednesday night crew. I can’t leave without sneaking cuddles and photos of some of my favorite pups and doggy visitors.

I’ve always loved animals, and especially dogs. I never had a dog growing up because of allergies. Luckily, I grew out of them and couldn’t wait to adopt a dog as an adult. We adopted our first greyhound back in 2000 and eventually had a pack of 3 rescue greyhounds for most of that decade. We haven’t gone more than 3 months without a dog in our home since then.

Right now, my husband and I share our house with 4 senior rescue pups. Dexter is my 15 year old Chihuahua, Shadow is my 9 yr old mutt (chi/poodle/pom/etc according to DNA), Clank is my 10 yr old mutt (chi/dachshund/poodle/etc according to DNA), and Chica is my 14 yr old small Chihuahua.

I love volunteering because it gives me a chance to work in my many passions. I volunteer with senior dogs at HWAH, I get my big-dog fix by walking dogs on Saturdays at the Montgomery County Shelter (MCASAC), I get my vacation animal fix by vacation volunteering at Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah, I get my human connection at Montgomery Hospice by giving massages to patients and sharing my therapy dog, Clank, with patients and families each Sunday and Monday. I spread out my time, I do what I truly love, and I set boundaries. That is how I never burn out!

Volunteering with adoptable dogs can be a bit dangerous for someone like me. Clank became an “accidental adoption” when my husband and I vacation volunteered at Best Friends, and Chica became another “oops” adoption when I fell for her while walking dogs at the county shelter. I try to control myself, but sometimes it’s really hard. 

I am so thrilled to be a HWAH volunteer. Seniors and special-needs animals have a soft spot in my heart. HWAH truly is “my” sanctuary- I can go feeling stressed or tired and instantly feel calm and happy when I walk through the gate! It’s truly dog heaven on earth!

"Over the Rainbow Bridge"
"I received a phone call this morning at 1:50 AM..the Caller ID said VRA and even before I answered the call I was crying. I knew it had to be only bad news in the middle of the night!!

The Doctor said Wrigley had taken a turn for the worse and was in 60% oxygen and still struggling to breathe and there was no coming back from his condition so we made the decision to let him go.

Our deepest thanks to everyone at VRA for the wonderful care they give our residents and to Nurse Julie for snuggling with Wrigley as he passed on. We always want to be with our beloved pups when we let them go but did not want Wrigley to suffer while waiting for a HWAH person to get to him. Thank you Nurse Julie!!!" (October 2, 2019)
"Today we had to make the difficult decision to let our Clemie go.

Clementine has been slowly declining and she had a very difficult night so we knew that it was time and we did not want her to suffer.

We were sorry that Rich could not be with her as he has been her ANGEL. driving all the way from VA once and sometimes twice a week so he could carry her around for several hours.

Frances stepped in for Rich and got our little girl to our Vet, Dr. Handel where she held our Darling Clementine in loving arms as she passed peacefully".

Love Lives Here!!!! (October 4, 2019)
HWAH November Birthdays
November 12, 2004
Another Year Older for Miss Gidget: Gidget is a sweet senior Lhasa Apso. Gidget is living the good life with Mark and Nancy, one of our Premier Foster homes. Nancy keeps us laughing with stories about Gidget and all of their other Foster charges.

She may be blind, but with some guidance she is able to get around fairly well- even going up and down stairs and over obstacles. She can also walk well on a leash, though it’s at her own pace because this sweet girl is certainly no aspiring track star.

This little couch potato is happy to snooze the day away with her tongue peeking out, and would be even happier to do so with company on a nice comfy couch or her very own dog bed.

Bear - Forever Foster
November 22, 2003
As told by Lori: "I took him home on November 22nd, 2 days before Thanksgiving.  My husband got down on the floor and Bear went up to him and started kissing his nose.

My heart skipped a beat! For the rest of the night, Bear sat in John's lap while we watched t.v. He would follow John everywhere. John put a dog bed in his office so that Bear could sleep there while John was on the computer.

On our way home from Thanksgiving dinner, John asked "So where should we put the doggie door?"  Bear worked his magic and has been living with us ever since.

We claimed November 22nd as his birthday because that is the day he was given a second chance at love".
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