To tell you about Joie, first I have to tell you about Dolly. Dolly was the last gift to me from my husband Joe. He took me to Frederick on Valentine’s weekend in 2008 to pick up this little black poodle ball of fluff. He asked me to name her Dolly – because his pet name for me was “Doll”…. He said each time I called her I would think of him. Joe passed a month later on March 22 nd . No doubt that Dolly was so very important to me. She was a little lady and had a kind and sweet spirit. When she was 4 years old she developed a slight limp. We had her checked by several doctors and specialists and could find nothing wrong and it was only sporadic so we stopped worrying. 

In the Fall of 2013 when Dolly was almost 6 years old, our Groomer noticed a tiny lump in her leg and we soon learned that it was cancer. We thought that surgery would be the cure but during the preparation for her surgery the Oncologist found that the cancer had spread and was in her lungs. By September we knew that at some point I was going to lose my sweet girl. All of the volunteers, and doctors were also heartbroken and on November 12 th , 2013 we let Dolly go.