The HEART BEAT September 2019
HWAH September Birthdays!
Monroe: September 4, 2014
Just a few pictures of Monroe celebrating his birthday last year at HWAH. He will be 5 this year. Altho he is not a senior, he arrived at the sanctuary severely debilitated, but with love and care, his improvement was miraculous. He now lives with his Forever Foster family Karen and Penelope.
Daphne: September 18, 2004
In honor of Daphne's 15th birthday, we wanted to share this very special video produced by our own Lori W.. From June 2018, "The House with a Heart Fairy Tail"
Monthly Update: Guardian Angels
There’s something very special about adopting a senior dog.  People who rescue older dogs know the kind of bond, the connection, the warm feeling of appreciation.

 Of course, many of us simply aren’t able to adopt or give foster care for a dog. But what if you could spend just an hour or two each week, with older dogs who would love extra attention?

House With A Heart wants to encourage you to become a Guardian Angel volunteer at your local sanctuary or shelter. Each week we have volunteers who come to the Sanctuary and spend time with two, three or four of our pups. 

You’d be visiting the same dogs each time, so you’d get to know them, and they’d get to know you. They all look forward to some extra play time, a little brushing or combing, a walk, riding in the car, learning a new trick. Mostly, they look forward to that warm feeling they’ll get from being with you, in the last months of their lives.

 Could you be a Guardian Angel volunteer at your local shelter or rescue?
We are super excited to share our latest and most creative Vlog yet -
"K9MM - Saving More Senior Dogs".
After you watch it (at least multiple times I'm sure to catch all of the doggie action), please help us by clicking on the link below, and becoming a subscriber! We need 100 subscribers to open up some special sharing, so won't you help us please?

Sher explains how we use diapers for the senior pups at the sanctuary.
Somethings New at HWAH -
a Vlog!

We're going to tell you about all kinds of things that go on here at House with a Heart -
** Tips & Tricks**
we use with our Senior Dogs

Videos about
**Day in the Life**
of some of the "pups'" and "kitties" that live at HWAH

Items we use that are Awesome!

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