We are a beloved community called to live out the way of love – reflecting Jesus in all that we do. Since coming to the Cathedral, I have been praying for God to show us new ways to live out the way of love – specifically in blessing and going.

Over the past few months, more people have been returning to work Downtown and to our Cathedral on Sundays. As I have walked the streets of Downtown Cincinnati, the streets God has entrusted to us, I saw a need. As I walked through our beautiful Cathedral, I saw space. As I had conversations with our community, I began to see a new opportunity. And as I prayed, Soul Goods was born.

Soul Goods is the new gift shop at Christ Church Cathedral that will officially open on Friday, June 3. Soul Goods exists to bring love and equity to the world. Our mission is to empower people to be a part of making our world a more equitable place through the purchase of quality goods. 100% of Soul Goods profits will go to the good work of bringing equity to our world – donating our profits to local and global organizations serving the marginalized and advocating for equity. We have also partnered with vendors committed to doing good with us.

I believe Soul Goods benefits our community in three ways...

  1. Soul Goods provides our beloved community with the opportunity to live out the way of love - blessing people and bringing equity to the world through every purchase.
  2. Soul Goods is another opportunity to invite people into our beautiful parish and share the story of Christ Church Cathedral.
  3. Soul Goods allows us to steward well the spaces God has entrusted to us.

I love that the space that was once our gift shop has been resurrected into something new that is good for our church, good for our community, and good for our world.

Beloved community, I have three things to ask of you today.

  1. Visit: This Sunday, come and visit Soul Goods, and see the opportunity God has given us to bless our community.
  2. Pray: Pray that God would bless the efforts of Soul Goods. Carine, Jean and the team have worked hard to bring this store to life and have received so much positive feedback from our community. Thank you to everyone who has already supported the store!
  3. Share. Share Soul Goods with someone in your world through a purchase, by inviting them to our grand opening, or sharing Soul Goods story on Instagram and Facebook.

If you have any questions about Soul Goods, or would like to help us spread the word about Soul Goods, please email me back and let me know.


The Very Rev. Owen C. Thompson

PS – I would love for you to join us at the Grand Opening of Soul Goods on Friday, June 3rd.