April 16, 2020

This week we're presenting painter Julie Beck, sculptor Serena Bates and multimedia artist Scott Crystal, all artists who are continuing to work from their homes during the pandemic. This begins a three-part series, during which we'll be profiling nine different artists continuing their craft in the midst of this challenging time. We thank everyone who responded to our call for artists over the past two weeks.

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- Kristin Wissler

Julie Beck
in Boston, Massachusetts

Julie Beck
Julie Beck in her studio.

Julie Beck is an oil painter, teacher, and the Assistant Director of Academy of Realist Art Boston, a small private art school in downtown Boston. She describes her work as representational and realist, using art as a means to connect with others and communicate without words. Her still lifes, figures and portraits have been shown all over New England and even internationally. Lately, however, many of her shows have been cancelled or moved online. "The pandemic has completely upended my artistic practice," she says, "I have created a make shift work space in my small apartment in Cambridge. This has forced me to shift my working methods." At the same time, she's teaching her Academy students online, working to create instructional videos that match the level her students are expected to learn at. Consequently, she hasn't had much time for her own art lately. "My advice, although I absolutely have not been following it myself, is to make sure you find a balance between work and life during this time," Beck says. To her, the current situation presents a unique opportunity to not only make more art but to also focus on the business side of one's craft, like updating one's website or artist statement or increasing one's online presence. In a time where distance and fear are pulling us apart, Beck's paintings express the desire for connection. "I hope that my work can inspire others to discover or rethink their perspectives about themselves and their surroundings," she says on her website, "As this is the gift that painting has offered me." For more information about Julie Beck and her work, visit her website at juliebcreative.com.

Sponsored by: National Association of Women Artists, ArtSpace Maynard, Vizivel, Solomon Rugs and the Artscope Tablet Edition.

National Association of Women Artists

We believe in the power of art and look forward to seeing everyone in-person soon. Be well and stay inspired by our shops:

Floating Dreams
Mirror Image

ArtSpace Maynard
Artspace Maynard 1


We regret to announce that our Galleries are CLOSED to the public and we have postponed all public events, including our Gallery Talks and Receptions until further notice. We will do our best to post photos of work associated with our current exhibitions on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and our studio artists will continue to have access to their workspaces.

During times of uncertainty, we believe it is absolutely vital that communities find ways to support each other in their individual and collective creative pursuits. Make art and find ways to share it with the world!

ArtSpace Maynard invites artists to submit proposals for exhibitions for the 2020-21 season in our new West Gallery. Please go to: artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=7673 for more information. Submission deadline: June 15, 2020

Artspace Maynard 2

ATTENTION METALWORKERS!! ArtSpace is organizing a large-scale public art exhibition entitled 'METAL-ITY' that will feature over 100 outdoor steel sculptures made by New England artists, to be displayed on ArtSpace grounds. Exhibition dates: July 1, 2020November 1, 2021, Reception July 11, 1:004:00 p.m. If interested, send high resolution images of 3 considered artworks to Jerry Beck, ArtSpace Maynard Executive Director at [email protected], or call (978) 897-9828 for more information.

Stay healthy, stay inspired!

JERRY BECK, ArtSpace Maynard

Vizivel 1
Vizivel 2


Serena Bates
in Westerly, Rhode Island

Serena Bates
Serena Bates at work.

Serena Bates is an accomplished sculptor, using clay, bronze and ceramic to create animals, portraits and figures, each one telling its own story. "I consider myself to be a story teller and love to invite the viewer into a deeper meaning and interpretation of each piece," Bates says. Even in the midst of the pandemic, she's still hard at work on several projects, including an owl made of alabaster stone, two oil paintings and a life-sized clay sculpture of a Dutch Shepherd dog. To her, the current isolation is simply an extension of the solitary way of an artist. "In a way we have been preparing for this our whole life," she says. Bates does acknowledge that the isolation hits harder now, though, in light of closed galleries and dwindling clients. However, she believes that now is no time to give into despair, but rather to push on and utilize this time as an opportunity for the creative person to try something new. "This too will pass," she says, "Just do it. Make your art." As Bates creates stories in her sculptures, so too do we find new stories in this strange new routine. Whether one is a creative or not, there is always meaning to be had in the story of daily life. To learn more about Serena Bates and her work, visit her website at serenabates.com.

Scott Crystal
in Panama

Scott Crystal
Scott Crystal at work.

Scott Crystal is a man of many media, working in sculpture, photography, and all kinds of traditional media. "Art is an integral part of my life," he says, "As my life is an integral part of my art." His current projects are similarly multifaceted, and include various unique, abstract sculptures, poetry and two photography series. His American Flag photodocumentary is particularly poignant in the face of the current pandemic. This series is comprised of photographs with the American Flag as the subject or on the subject's person. People of all ages and backgrounds pose with the flag, sometimes draping it over themselves, sometimes wearing the pattern. In some photos the flag is alone, waving on a flag pole, hanging on a wall, or even carelessly thrown on the ground. Despite having been started before the pandemic began, the series uniquely captures how it feels to be an American in these difficult times. "Breathe in the emotions society is feeding us creators," Crystal says, "And make something provocative and symbolic of this epic time we are all surviving." Having grown up in Maine, he feels equipped to deal with the prolonged isolation, not unlike a long winter storm. Though he misses the ability to collaborate with others, he's found a bright spot. "The good side is I have some material and time to create!" Crystal says. He believes that now is the time for us to create something challenging, something that questions the norm during this far-from-normal time. To learn more about Scott Crystal and his work, visit his website at scottcrystal.com.

Solomon Rugs
Solomon Rugs

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