April 30, 2020

This week we're presenting painters Jo Ellen Reinhardt, Nils Johnson and Jeanette Fournier, all artists who are continuing to work from their homes during the pandemic. This is the second part of our three-part series of artist profiles, this issue featuring artists whose paintings provide a new perspective with which we can look upon this difficult time.

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- Kristin Wissler

Jo Ellen Reinhardt
in Worcester, Massachusetts

Jo Ellen Reinhardt
Jo Ellen Reinhardt, Dance in Charcoal.

Jo Ellen Reinhardt describes herself as a traditional realist, capturing all manner of subjects with an eye for detail and finding the beauty in ordinary places, people and things. Six years ago, she co-founded the New England School of Fine Art to share her passion and knowledge and forge a community of artists. Now that COVID-19 has forced her school to temporarily close, Reinhardt has started creating YouTube videos in order to keep teaching. "As an instructor I am used to doing several demonstrations per week," she said, "So it's been somewhat natural for me to film quick videos." Although COVID-19 has changed her life drastically, she's staying positive, and she advises others to do the same. "Turn off the news and pull out your paints, pencils, glitter glue, whatever you have," she said, "It doesn't matter your skill or level." Just as her work turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, she hopes her instructional videos can help bring light to those feeling hopeless. "I feel this is an important time to lift up spirits and painting is my way to share my talent with others," she said. "Hopefully I'm touching lives through my art." For more information about Jo Ellen Reinhardt and her work, visit her website at joellenreinhardt.com and the New England School of Fine Arts YouTube channel here.

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National Association of Women Artists

We believe in the power of art and look forward to seeing everyone in-person soon. Be well and stay inspired by our shops:

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ArtSpace Maynard
Artspace Maynard 1


We regret to announce that our Galleries are CLOSED to the public and we have postponed all public events, including our Gallery Talks and Receptions until further notice. We will do our best to post photos of work associated with our current exhibitions on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and our studio artists will continue to have access to their workspaces.

During times of uncertainty, we believe it is absolutely vital that communities find ways to support each other in their individual and collective creative pursuits. Make art and find ways to share it with the world!

ArtSpace Maynard invites artists to submit proposals for exhibitions for the 2020-21 season in our new West Gallery. Please go to: artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=7673 for more information. Submission deadline: June 15, 2020

Artspace Maynard 2

ATTENTION METALWORKERS!! ArtSpace is organizing a large-scale public art exhibition entitled 'METAL-ITY' that will feature over 100 outdoor steel sculptures made by New England artists, to be displayed on ArtSpace grounds. Exhibition dates: July 1, 2020November 1, 2021, Reception July 11, 1:004:00 p.m. If interested, send high resolution images of 3 considered artworks to Jerry Beck, ArtSpace Maynard Executive Director at [email protected], or call (978) 897-9828 for more information.

Stay healthy, stay inspired!

JERRY BECK, ArtSpace Maynard

Vizivel 1
Vizivel 2


Nils Johnson
in Youngstown, Ohio

Nils Johnson
Nils Johnson, Love That Dirty Water.

For painter and art teacher Nils Johnson, it's all about color. Skin and shadows don't just have one color, and to capture this, he uses his technique of "ghost images." Ghost images are what occur when one stares at a color for 30 seconds and then looks at a white sheet of paper. The after-image of color is a muted inverse of the original shade, and it's these "ghost colors" that Johnson uses in his under-painting. The over-painting does not completely cover the under-painting, allowing the muted tones to peek through and meld with the bright, vibrant over-painting, creating unique pieces that grab the eye. Though Johnson's summer plans of swimming, fishing and painting water are no longer possible, he continues to paint a series he calls "COVID canvases," beginning with a portrait of his grandson. He advises others to stay productive as well. "Stay vital by giving yourself a regular schedule during which you sit down, turn off the world and create," he said, "Stay disciplined, keep working." He believes this experience will show us what truly matters, and allow us to discard the things that don't. "I think a lot of the shallow stuff with which people fill their lives is going to seem a lot less important," he said. In this way, the pandemic might serve as our own under-painting, over which we can build something brighter with the new perspective this experience brings us. To learn more about Nils Johnson and his work, visit his website at nilsjohnsonartist.com.

Jeanette Fournier
in Littleton, New Hampshire

Jeanette Fournier
Jeanette Fournier, The Sentinel, watercolor, 7" x 7".

Jeanette Fournier is a watercolor painter and graphite artist whose work is driven by a love of nature and the creatures that live in it. "The compositions of my work are meant to be intimate, close up portraits of the animals, birds and other creatures with which we share this world," she said. Too many animals face extinction, and Fournier aims to show the importance of these creatures to others and help us remember them if they ever go. Though Fournier's upcoming exhibits and events have largely been postponed or cancelled, she's using this time to work on her latest series. The collection consists of small paintings of birds she's seen around her studio and in New England's mountains. When she's done, there'll be enough to fill up a large wall. The paintings will show in the two-person exhibition "Northern Exposure" at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, from September 429. In the meantime, she now has plenty of time to spend outside like she enjoys. "I have been able to get outdoors and spend time out in nature for extended periods of time that I ordinarily wouldn't have," she said. In a time like this, nature is closer than ever. You may have seen the photos or videos of wild animals traversing human neighborhoods now that the streets are quiet, and there's now more time to stop and appreciate what might be right outside your door or just beyond your backyard. Fournier's artwork reminds us of what waits for us in the great outdoors, and what we might see if we were to take a look around. To learn more about Jeanette Fournier and her work, visit her website at jfournierart.com.

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