February 2020
The Heart of the Crisis Center
Clara Reynolds, President & CEO
Healing for the Survivor and the Supporter

Every Tuesday evening, Michael watched his wife Sabrina head to her one-on-one counseling sessions after work. After holding onto her trauma for many years, she was finally getting the help and support she needed to recover. Michael was thankful for the Crisis Center, but also wanted to do more to help his wife.

That’s when Sabrina’s counselor mentioned that the Crisis Center offers support groups for those whose family members are receiving trauma counseling. Through the Hope for Healing group, James learned how to better support his wife in her healing journey. He learned about the different triggers Sabrina had and how her trauma had impacted her over the years.

Michael found his new knowledge on trauma not only made him a better husband, but opened channels of communication between him and his wife that had never existed before. Sabrina was more comfortable opening up about her trauma, and Michael felt equipped to help her. Thanks to the support of donors, Sabrina was finally able to find healing, and Michael was able to ensure he was there for her every step of the way.  
Next Time You're at the Crisis Center - Look Up!

If you've been to the Crisis Center recently, you might have noticed the new artwork decorating the ceiling. Over the past 10 months or so, Board members, volunteer groups, and community members have donated their time and talents to paint ceiling tiles that are now displayed throughout the Crisis Center. While they might just seem like a nice additional art piece, for clients and staff, they provide encouragement, distraction, or tranquility.

On January 29th, we hosted the artists who worked on these tiles for a tour and reception. Guests had an opportunity to see where each painted tile is displayed throughout the building. They also received a tour of Crisis Center services and heard from Clara Reynolds, President & CEO, on the impact a simple thing like a piece of art can have on our clients and staff.
Examples of some of the ceiling tiles now decorating our client service areas.
Valentines for Kids in Counseling

Women in Action members gathered on Wednesday, February 5th to work on one of their favorite annual "action" projects: Valentines Day cards. As a result, every kid attending a counseling session at any of our offices this week will get a Valentines card and a sweet treat.

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