The Heartbeat - Volume Five
June 2020
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EDMessageA Message from Our Executive Director
Hope you enjoy this fifth edition of The Heartbeat. It's our way of staying meaningfully engaged with those we value and celebrating our community during these challenging times. We're fortunate to have a remarkable variety of dedicated people that make up our Bread & Roses family. We are privileged to serve diverse audiences in the greater Bay Area. We also deeply appreciate the diversity of performers who are our 'every-day heroes' bringing live music to isolated folks who need it most.
What Bobby Kennedy said -- with empathy and compassion -- more than fifty years ago rings just as true today. On March 4, 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated. That night, a heartbroken Bobby gave a five-minute off-the-cuff tribute that still resonates for its beauty and ironic foreshadowing of what would happen to him just two months later.

Dave Perron, Executive Director
RonArtisPerformer Profile  
Ron Artis II has said: "To me, music is about giving. When I'm performing, I let go of everything. I look out into an audience and ask: What do they need right now? We as artists have been given a gift and gifts are meant to be shared."

BottiBoard of Directors Profile

Since 2015, John Botti has played a major role in Bread & Roses mission of uplifting the human spirit by presenting free, live music and performing arts for people who live in institutions or are otherwise isolated from society. In July of 2018, he took on an essential leadership role as Board Co-Chair. With the collaborative efforts of his fellow board members as well as Executive Director Dave Perron, he is devoted to supporting the organization's prosperity, vision and goals.
SpringAppealOur Spring Appeal 
Although the Coronavirus is currently keeping us apart, music still brings us together. Please help us sustain our ongoing program by donating to our Spring Appeal.
We are pleased to share that we are presenting some Courtyard Concerts for our isolated audiences with outdoor space where it is safe to do so. On May 27, Kurt Huget made a lot of seniors at The Redwoods in Mill Valley very happy when he played guitar and sang familiar songs from the 50s to 70s outside the windows and balconies of fifty or so seniors. 
Your support will help to sustain our interim programming of Courtyard Concerts and sending performance videos to our facilities as we continue to heal hearts and uplift spirits during this challenging time. Your donation will help us to continue connecting volunteer performers with diverse audiences throughout the year.    
JasonCircle of Advisors Profile

Jason Rezaian is a husband, a son, a brother, an author and a journalist for The Washington Post in Washington DC. He is on our Circle of Advisors and is a friend to Bread & Roses. Jason considers his wife Yegi, his mom Mary and his brother Ali all his heroes. Read more about his connection to Bread & Roses, his work with the Washington Post, and his message of hope.  
MusicQuizEnter our Music Quiz 
Test out your music knowledge by filling out our fun music quiz below and have a chance to win a Special Hozier Merchandise Package featuring an autographed LP and poster, with a limited edition Bread & Roses concert T-shirt from his 2017 Benefit at the Great American Music Hall.
Rules & Guidelines
Please submit your answers by July 2. Entries must have the correct quiz answers to be entered into our raffle. Winner of the Special Hozier Merchandise Package will be announced on July 3. Answers to quiz questions will also be published on July 3 on our website and Facebook page.
1. "Shallow" - a duet by pop star Lady Gaga and Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2019. On which film's soundtrack did it appear?
2. How many notes are in the musical alphabet?
3. What is the most expensive music video ever made?
4. Who was the original drummer for The Beatles?
5. In 1994, the Elton John song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" was released. Which Disney film from the same year featured this tune?
6. What city calls itself the live music capital of the world?
7. Who was the most streamed artist on Spotify in 2019?
8. What song by British rock band Queen and singer David Bowie was released as a single in October 1981?
9. When translated, what does 'Karaoke' mean?
10. Who wrote the hit song "I Will Always Love You" made famous by the singer Whitney Houston?

CenterPointFacility Profile
In 1969, two individuals in recovery from drug addiction opened their hearts and doors to other addicts. Their small treatment center became a private nonprofit organization, Center Point, Inc. in 1971.

From its humble beginnings, the organization has expanded to become one of the nation's leading health and social services agencies with programs in two states: California and Texas. Bread & Roses proudly serves three of their locations in the North Bay.
DidyouknowMarian's Did You Know...

Marian's Did You Know ... that the earliest Bread & Roses Festivals of Music at Berkeley's Greek Theatre were all acoustic?  
The first Festival of Music at the Greek Theatre in 1977 was consciously designed to highlight the connection between artist and audience. Joan Borus attended the first Bread & Roses Festival of Acoustic Music in 1977 and noted; "We became participants as equally involved with the music as those onstage, not just because we joined in singing along, but because
the purity and clarity of acoustic music retains an emotional integrity that speaks to what is real and human inside us."
CarolynGauthierStaff Profile

Did you know that Carolyn Gauthier, Vice President of Programs, got started with Bread & Roses as a volunteer performer with The Lighthouse Singers? She recently sat down with Heidi James, Vice President of Development, to talk about her twenty-year career with Bread & Roses Presents and over forty years as a volunteer performer.
FavSongsFavorite Songs from Bread & Roses Staff

Take an inside look at some of the favorite songs of Bread & Roses staff. Vice President of Development Heidi James recently shared about the important role that music played during a pivotal life moment. "When I was in my last trimester of my pregnancy with my first child, a co-worker of mine gave me a James Taylor CD with the song Sweet Baby James . My son would go on to be named Parker Thomas James . I listened to that song so many times waiting for him to arrive and singing the song to him in my womb. And after he was born, I continued to sing it to him."
RussCCommunity Partner Profile

Russ Colombo, President and CEO of Bank of Marin and Bank of Marin Bancorp, was raised in San Rafael, went to San Rafael High School (where his father taught PE, Health and History and coached Basketball), then went on to study  Agricultural Economics and Business Management  at UC Davis. He always wanted to be a banker, having been inspired by an uncle who worked in banking for 45 years. Bank of Marin has always been community-focused. Russ became aware of Bread & Roses through his wife, Lynn, who admired our founder the late Mimi Fariña and became a volunteer host. He also learned how music raises people's spirits when his mother was in assisted living and experienced Bread & Roses in her facility. Russ has recently added another community outreach position to his resume when he joined the Marin IJ editorial board as their latest public member.   We are fortunate to have Russ and Bank of Marin as part of the Bread & Roses family.
PlaylistFrancesca's Playlist
The latest edition of Francesca's Playlist features classic summer songs that are sure to spark that seasonal vibe, from The Beach Boys to Bob Marley to Santana . Kick back, relax and soak up some summer love!
DearCarrieDear Carrie Column
In light of the changing guidelines for live musical performances, we are keeping the torch alive with a new column "Dear Carrie." Development-Communications Associate Carrie Sownie will answer questions about the music industry, concert do's & don'ts, and general curiosity about music & more. (And if she doesn't know the answer, she's really good at Googling it.)

Curious about the etymology of "drop the mic," what's in a musician's rider, or songs to woo a crush? Read on for all the answers!
BookClubBread & Roses Debuts "Music
and More" Book Club!
Ready for some fun stimulating conversation about "Music and More"? Discuss books like " Positively 4th Street: The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariña, and Richard Fariña" by David Hajdu and "Wild Tales: A Rock and Roll Life" by Graham Nash! Bread & Roses is debuting a new book club via Zoom with our first meeting in August. Communications Manager/Producer Marian Hubler will moderate, with guest authors/moderators from time to time.
Email to sign-up and we will be in touch. 
LiveStreamLive Streams by our Active Volunteers
We will miss our friends at what would have been the Kate Wolf Music Festival's 25th anniversary. Instead you can catch their wonderful " 2020 Virtual Festival" this weekend and look forward to being back at the ranch June 24-27, 2021.  
Check Bread & Roses Facebook for more live streams from our performers. See our blog for information about regular streamed shows and catch up with what we have shared.  
ResourcesFinancial Resources for Creative Professionals
See the complete list on our blog.
Special thanks to Marin Arts for sharing Francesca's Playlists and other artist live-streams, opportunities for artists, and for being a proactive collaborative partner for Bread & Roses and the Marin Arts Community.
Won't you help us continue to bring hope, healing and joy through music to our isolated audiences and greater community? 
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