Help Before and After Pregnancy
“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”
Psalm 127:3

Friends of Life,

As I type this, I’m hoping my unusually quiet children aren’t making a mess in one of their rooms. This is the calm before the storm – that period of time after dinner and activities, but before bedtime. My wife is out of town on a quick business trip, so I’m outnumbered 3:1 – I’ve transitioned to zone defense. Generally, these short trips are opportunities to have a little fun with the kids. I let them pick some of their favorite dinner spots – places like Waffle House or IHOP, restaurants mom normally doesn’t allow. However, due to other commitments, we haven’t been able to do that this time.

Life doesn’t stand still when my wife is gone. Like many others, I have work responsibilities. There are the pick ups/drop-offs from swim lessons and volleyball camp happening this week. Of course the kids haven’t agreed on anything for dinner, so I end up making three different meals (do chicken nuggets count as a meal?). There are also dishes to be washed and, of course, there is the topic of bath time. To top it off, we had a nighttime “accident” – so sheets had to be stripped and washed as well. This is what fatherhood looks like, certainly when both parents work outside the home.

I don’t mention any of this to highlight what a great father I am – far from it! I bring this up as a timely reminder of how easily anyone – but certainly a single parent – can feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, we have a strong support system that makes these occasional work trips far from difficult. Yet it’s during these moments when it’s easiest for me to understand how overwhelmed a single mother might feel – either before or after her pregnancy. Alone. Intimidated. Afraid.

This past month I had the opportunity to visit Lifehouse Maternity Home and see first-hand the support system they provide women, both before and after pregnancy (up to four years!). Lifehouse is a wonderful example of a life-affirming environment that continues to support mother and baby. If you are unfamiliar, definitely check them out.

April showers bring...May buffer zones? Read on to learn more about local happenings and so much more! I hope you continue to find our information and advocacy helpful and informative.

For life,
Corey Koellner
Executive Director
*** Metro Council Buffer Zone Ordinance Update ***
Despite the efforts of many organizations, concerned citizens, and certain councilmembers, Metro Council voted on May 20th to approve a buffer zone in front of the EMW abortion mill in downtown Louisville. The ordinance passed in a narrow 14-11 vote, with four Democrats joining all seven Republicans in opposition. Please thank those councilmembers who stood for life and liberty!
However, all is not lost! Earlier this week, Sisters for Life and Kentucky Right to Life, on behalf of Right to Life of Louisville and chapters throughout the commonwealth, filed a lawsuit in District Court challenging the constitutionality of the new ordinance and seeking injunctive relief.

Through an agreement brokered by attorneys from both sides, the city has agreed to not enforce the ordinance until July 16th to allow attorneys time to complete briefings.

Right to Life of Louisville is grateful to Sisters for Life and Kentucky Right to Life for taking action against the abortion industry and the political system who support it. This new buffer zone will unreasonably restrict our first amendment rights and negatively impact our sidewalk counselors - it must be overturned.
More information will be shared as the legal proceedings move forward.

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2021 Walk for Life
Our 2021 Walk for Life is just over three months away! This year's walk will kick-off from Bowman Field on Sunday, September 19th at 1 PM. Come show your support for the sacredness of life and help raise funds to continue our important work.
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Help Save the Hyde Amendment and Save Lives
In 1976, the Hyde Amendment was first added to federal appropriations to prohibit federal funds from paying for elective abortions. This was a direct response to the federal government funding hundreds of thousands of abortions each year since the Roe v. Wade decision. In 1980, the Supreme Court upheld the Hyde Amendment, ruling that the legality of abortion did not obligate the funding of abortion.

However, late last month President Biden released his budget proposal that did not include the Hyde Amendment - honoring his campaign promise and breaking a decades-long history of not using federal funds to secure elective abortions. It's worth noting Biden supported the Hyde Amendment for years, before reversing his position during his presidential campaign. To date, it's estimated the Hyde Amendment has saved 2.5 million children.

You can join the #SaveHyde effort by telling Congress we want to keep the Hyde Amendment to prevent tax payer dollars from funding the slaughter of unborn children. National Right to Life, the nation's oldest and largest pro-life organization, has established that you can visit and electronically sign the petition. You can also reach out to Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth directly to let him know you support #SaveHyde.
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In May 2021 the US stock market hit another all-time high…again! Have you ever thought about donating stock instead of or in addition to cash? Some folks are donating stock while the market is UP. It’s easy to do, call or email and we can help you through the process.
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