Mary, Our Pro-life Model
“May it be done to me according to your word.”
Luke 1:38

Friends of Life,

For many Christians, the month of May is known as the Month of Mary - set aside to honor Mary as the Theotokos (Mother of God). It's common in many faith-traditions to hold special Marian devotions like the crowning of Mary, daily recitations of the Rosary, or to set aside an area for prayer and veneration before the Virgin Mother.

This May, specifically, has me thinking of Mary's Fiat - her yes to life and the complete subjugation of her will to that of our creator. Scared - perhaps. Confused - I bet. Yet Mary, through her affirmation, changed the course of history and became the perfect embodiment of obedience to the Father; without her yes there would have been no Incarnation!

So how are we living up to Mary's example? If you're like me, perhaps not so well. Are you making the best use of opportunities to say "yes" to life? If not, you're in luck - I have a few opportunities for you:

  • Pray. Pray for the women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Pray for strong male role models. Pray for the volunteers and staff at our pregnancy resource centers. Pray for our elected leaders.
  • Contact your Metro Councilperson and let them know you do not support the proposed "buffer zone" ordinance as it negatively impacts our sidewalk counselors and their ability to help women say "yes" to life.
  • Consider becoming an official Right to Life of Louisville member to support us in creating a culture of life in our community. More on this below.
  • Like and share our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (yes, Twitter has us temporary restricted - shock!).

Thanks for all you do to say "yes to life" in our community. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

For life,
Corey Koellner
Executive Director
Since 1971, Right to Life of Louisville has been the leading pro-life organization in the region, advocating for the protection of innocent human life - from conception to natural death. RTL Louisville has held rallies, organized walks, educated students in schools, hosted symposiums, stood firmly against politicians and policies contrary to life, and been in countless organizational meetings - all designed to create a culture of life in our community.
However, none of these efforts would have been possible without the support of our members. Like other membership-based organizations, Right to Life of Louisville depends on our annual membership drive to support our operations. We receive no government funding and generally do not qualify for grant opportunities. This is why our fundraisers and membership campaign is so critically important.
I ask you to consider becoming a member of Right to Life of Louisville - or renew your current membership. Members receive official Right to Life of Louisville communications and are invited to the annual member meeting. Our Church members will receive an invitation to our annual pastor's breakfast. However, it isn't what membership offers you or your organization - but rather what your membership enables our organization to accomplish for the least among us. Please consider joining us today!
The word INTERN is written in red on a white notepad near a laptop_ coffee_ red roses and a pen.
Summer Internship!
We are seeking a part-time, summer intern to provide administrative support in the office and be a welcoming first impression for all who visit. Interested students should contact the Executive Director.
Wear a Mask & Support RTL Lou
No one likes wearing a mask, but why not make a pro-life statement when wearing yours?! Thanks to a generous benefactor, proceeds from every mask sold will be donated to Right to Life of Louisville. Reserve your mask today by contacting the Right to Life office!
Scholarship Opportunity
The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky will be awarding four $1,000 scholarships to qualifying high school seniors committed to the pro-life philosophy. The deadline to submit your application material is Thursday, May 20th. Make sure the graduating senior in your life is aware of this new opportunity!
Ed Harpring's Retirement
Ed Harpring will be retiring this month after serving over seven years as the Pro-Life Ministries Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Louisville. Whether you've worked with Ed in his role with the Archdiocese, partnered with him as a sidewalk counselor, or simply appreciate his years of service to the pro-life community...let him know he will be missed.
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