2019 Great Allegheny Passage & C&O Canal Towpath
We are making plans to once again offer an 8-day Fundraising Ride on the
Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) bike trail and the C&O Canal Towpath in
August 2019.

Anyone who has taken this tour with Keith Workman, our fearless leader and organizer extraordinaire, will tell you it is well organized and lots of fun.  The bonus is Keith's familiarity with the trail and his knowledge of the fascinating history along the way.

Whether the trip will be west to east (Pittsburgh to D.C.) or east to west (D.C. to PIttsburgh) has not yet been decided, nor has an exact date been set. 

Lodging will be two RIDERS to a room (hotels/B&Bs). If you are considering the trip and do not have a spouse who will also ride, recruit a friend who will ride and will be your roommate.  If you do not have that option, let us know you are interested and perhaps someone else will also be seeking a roommate.

Pricing is per person and includes transportation for you, your luggage and your bike from Orrville and returning to Orrville, lodging for 8 nights, and 8 breakfasts.

We expect the trip to fill up quickly, so if you would like to go, reply to this email to express your interest.


Thank you to Bob Haugh and Mike Abrams and the many other volunteers who helped staff our booth at the Wayne County Fair.  We enjoyed visiting with everyone who stopped by to learn more about Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County and to share our excitement about the future trails in Wayne County.
From Marshallville looking south.

Construction of the 2.4 mile stretch of trail between Forrer Road and Marshallville will continue through October and possibly into November. We are proud to be actively building trail in Wayne County, as many projects are underway across the state and nation. Ohio is receiving nationwide attention with Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati all actively focused on providing more safe walking and biking trails for commuting and for recreation.  Also, as more people come from afar to ride the Ohio to Erie Trail (from Cincinnati to Columbus) our focus and purpose intensifies.  Wayne County is the missing link to having the entire OTET on trails with fewer or no roads at all.  
We work hard to do our job with excellence.  We are confident in the not too distant future we will be recognized on a list like this one. YOU are a very important part of this effort. Your shared interest, excitement and continued support are greatly appreciated.  
Enjoy these recent photos of the construction process and this drone video by Paul Vance, member of the RTWC Board of Directors, to begin to get an idea of how beautiful The Heartland Trail is going to be.  We intend to send you another update in mid-October.  
Once this 2.4 miles of trail are completed, our 2019 project goal will be building trail to connect Forrer Road to Orrville.  

  .    Looks like we may have a bit of an upgrade to climb at this point.

  .    You can see there are all kinds of challenges along the way, but we are in good hands with Cavanaugh Construction, communications with the City of Orrville and Marshallville, and our dedicated volunteer board.

Part of the construction process is first resolving drainage issues encountered along this old rail bed, built well over 100 years ago.  Correcting the problem now will serve everyone better in the future.

Bicycle Stencils Ready for Spring 
Thanks to United Titanium, we have wonderful new stencils ready to mark our county and township roads this spring. 
The United Titanium Engineering Department designed the CAD drawing for the stencil. A waterjet cutting machine produced the template out of masonite board.
These will be used to indicate bike routes for direction and awareness on the Ohio to Erie Trail routes and another (with CLT at the bottom) for the County Line Trail.
Can You Help?

Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County Board Members
President: Don Noble II, Shreve   
Vice President: Ted Short, Wooster 
Secretary:  Katie VanZile, Marshallville
Treasurer: David L. Lehman, Orrville 



Tom Bahl, Shreve             Susan Baker, Creston    
Pat Glessner, Sterling       Phil Grimm,  Kidron       
Becky Jewell, Orrville       Jenni Reusser, Orrville

Paul Vance, Orrville.         Keith Winkler, Sterling     

Keith Workman, Orrville