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The Heir to Oprah's Throne?:
Former Chicago Area
Teen Trendsetter Grows Up to be a Media Mogul

CHICAGO, IL - May 18, 2012 - Once described by the Chicago Sun-Times as, "bubbly," Dialika Perkins, or simply Dee, as she's commonly known, was labeled a teen trendsetter in that same article, appeared on an episode of ABC's 20/20,  and was quoted giving advertising + marketing ideas to large corporations such as Taco Bell´┐Ż in the Wall Street Journal-- all in the same week! The year was 1998. She was 17.
Dialika Perkins, Publisher
Photo Credit: Bradley Murray


Fast-forward 14 years. Dialika has just turned 31 and for the last six years she's been quietly building a media empire while simultaneously working full-time as a corporate tax auditor. It's now been nearly a year since she stepped out on faith to direct all her energy into publishing the international print + digital publication, H.A.S.MAGAZINE™. H.A.S. is Hip.Artistic.Stylish.  It's the magazine that H.A.S.-It-All!™ and "America's next iconic magazine," proclaims its founder, publisher, editor + designer, modestly yet confidently.

Undoubtedly the underdog in an industry dominated by a few large publishing companies at the top and thousands more vying for a top spot, Ms. Perkins has weathered many storms on her journey, which is far from over, but she believes wholeheartedly in her vision, and the long-term positive economic, social and cultural affects H.A.S.MAGAZINE™ and the entire H.A.S.-It-All!™ brand will have on the world, particularly Chicago.

"As a comple
tely independent publication, the magazine, the company and even myself, have experienced many trials + tribulations-- most of which have been financial woes and a lack of resources; it's a classic case of the chicken or the egg. But despite the setbacks and various obstacles, we've also experienced many milestones and I can't wait to see what lies ahead. I truly feel in my heart of hearts, I am a true American success story in the making. I know that's a bold statement, I know, but, I was told if 'I believe, I can achieve.' I believe." --Dialika 'Dee' Perkins

Magazine Bio + Fun Facts:
  • 2005 - The idea was born.
  • 2006 - HASMAGAZINE.com Online E-Zine   
  • 2007 - Sample print issue created + tested. 
  • 2008 - Print launches with cover story featuring Common. 
  • 2009 - Introduced interactive digital editions.  
  • 2009 - Editor Dee Perkins quoted in the Chicago Tribune's RedEye on why 'Pop Person of the Year,' Lady Gaga is so well received in hip-hop.   
  • 2009 - Passed the 100,000 unique reader mark (print + digital combined).
  • 2010 - Print subscriptions extend to 40+ states.
  • 2010 - H.A.S.-It-All!™ Events officially kicks off.  
  • 2011 - H.A.S.MAGAZINE™ brings Studio 54 to Chicago- a 30th birthday celebration for the publisher with live fashion presentation.
  • 2012 - 26 issues released to date. 
About H.A.S.MAGAZINE (ISSN: 1938-4041):
H.A.S.MAGAZINE is a print + digital publication centered around music, fashion and art, infused with social, cultural, and political hot topics that provide a complete, informative + entertaining viewpoint on the most important aspects of socializing among peers.

We even have a wine column, so you can sip a glass of newly discovered vino while reading or discussing our latest issue!

Our Mission: To serve as the definitive publication of urban-contemporary culture.   

A free preview of our digital edition is available here: http://www.hasmagazine.com/currentissue

Please contact us for media access to the complete issue.

Dee Perkins is available for interviews, speaking engagements, hosting, networking + business development opportunities.

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